I’ve just gone through a pretty intense break up during the pandemic which has made the healing process even harder. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what are some ways I can move through this annoying holiday without wanting to crawl into a hole?

-Stephanie P.


Hi Stephanie!

This is such a brilliant question and 100% know that you are not alone. Valentine’s Day, while totally a capitalistic ploy, is still a day that blatantly reminds us of love everywhere we look.

With that- this is a really great opportunity to shift the way we see love on this day. I for one, am a sucker for all the cute pink and purple cheesy decor and marketing. And honestly, most partners, in heteronormative scenarios at least, do not even appreciate all the cuteness of this day. 

So a few ideas of places to put your energy to take your mind off of the romantic component of this day:

Express love to those you love- be it family or friends- in a fun, creative way. Let’s take it back to childhood. Break out the doilies and construction paper and make some Valentine’s cards. Not your thing? Buy thoughtful or silly cards. Back in the day, those were cool too.

Next- there is a beautiful spin on Valentine’s Day which I personally love- Galentine’s Day! Thank you, Amy Poehler.

I realize that it is Covid and a huge Gal Pal Party is not the safest thing to do. However, these times call for great creativity. 

So with that- there are ways to create an event virtually that feels really fun. 

  • Have your gals make their favorite brunch or meal and enjoy together online
  • Do a tarot card reading
  • Play a Game
  • Wear your favorite and/or cheesiest outfit (red overalls anyone?)
  • Watch a movie together

And lastly, a great place for some energy is to think about who may be alone on Galentine’s Weekend and share your meal with them by dropping it off at their door. With times the way they are, loneliness has soared through the roof. This may be a great excuse to connect and bring some joy to an elderly neighbor or someone you know that is having a hard time. 

Cheers to you. May you find peace and pockets of joy this Galentines<3



Kelly Elizabeth

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