I say quite often that astrology can be an amazing tool for self-reflection, healing, and growth regardless of whether you “believe” in it or not. Astrology and working with your natal chart can be a great way to take a deep dive into your patterns, habits, motivations, wants, needs, and so many other things. Most of us have something in our life that we wouldn’t mind healing or releasing but it can be tricky because it feels like such a deep-rooted part of us. Enter our Chiron sign, the asteroid associated with our deepest wound (cue the dramatic music…).

Discovering where Chiron lands in your natal chart can be incredibly helpful and insightful, especially for healing certain areas of your life and moving forward. You can use this Chiron calculator at AstroStyle to determine what sign yours is in and read on to learn more about what it means for you and a healing tip for working with it!


Chiron in Aries

Aries is always associated with confidence, but a Chiron sign here can manifest as a worthiness wound. You may feel you lack purpose and have a tendency to feel like you’re often failing. This can sometimes manifest as people-pleasing to receive praise. It can also mean the opposite: being a little selfish and overly sensitive to any criticism. 

Chiron in Aries Tip: Practice giving yourself praise or using mirror affirmations for things you’ve accomplished, big or small, that have nothing to do with your physical appearance. Instead of focusing on how you appear outwardly to others, turn inward and focus on some of the amazing things that make you unique and worthy. 


Chiron in Taurus

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, sensuality, and material possessions, a Chiron placement in Taurus can create a wound centered around one of these themes. You may be overly cautious or concerned about losing money and in return not allow yourself things that bring you pleasure. You could also swing the pendulum of being restrictive one day and overindulgent the next. 

Chiron in Taurus Tip: Use grounding practices like Epsom salt baths to relax and relish in a little bit of sensual pleasure. Practical things like creating a budget can help you see how hard you work and can be calming for your nervous system.  


Chiron in Gemini

The sign of Gemini is associated with communication and how we connect and network. With a wound here you may have a lot of insecurity and sensitivity around how others perceive you, especially as it relates to your intelligence and voice. You could overcompensate by talking a lot or take the opposite approach and have a hard time speaking up. 

Chiron in Gemini Tip: Find different ways to communicate instead of putting so much pressure on your verbal skills. This could include journaling, music, art, and anything else that makes you feel a connection. Think of all the things that create connections that go beyond words…laughter is one of them!


Chiron in Cancer

Cancer gets a lot of flack in the Astro world for being in their #feels a lot, so you can imagine how having your deepest wound here can be a little challenging. The good news is, Cancerian energy is incredibly good at not shying away from their wounds which ultimately helps you move on and heal. 

Chiron in Cancer Tip: One of the key things to remember with this placement is to not go too far into the depths of your core wound. This may sound counterintuitive, but you don’t want to get lost in it. Remember to give yourself lots of self-nurturing and compassion and you’ll have a much easier time!


Chiron in Leo

Lights, Camera, Action! This Chiron sign placement can manifest as a deep wound around curating how others see you and your ego. This can be a little suffocating because you don’t feel like people really know the real you. 

Chiron in Leo Tip: Leo rules the heart, and a key way to work through this wound is to do things from your heart/true self. Whenever you find your head getting in the way and worrying about your public image, remember this quote from Helen Keller: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” You’ll be surprised to find people really do like the real you!


Chiron in Virgo

Virgos are known for being the perfectionist of the Zodiac, so a wound here will most likely be extra noticeable, but you usually try extra hard to appear effortless. One of your worst fears is that there’s something wrong with you at your core, which could manifest as hypochondria or constant self-improvement. 

Chiron in Virgo Tip: Virgo is also known as the healer of the Zodiac, so remember that you’re more powerful than you give yourself credit for! Instead of using all that power against yourself, find ways to put it to good use. Instead of being hard on yourself, give yourself permission to be a little messy and remember that most people love us even more for our perceived “flaws.” 


Chiron in Libra

Libra rules relationships, so you may have a core wound that centers around key relationships in your life or pain around new relationships you try to make. Like most of us, this wound probably goes back to early childhood and how you first learned to behave in relation to others. 

Chiron in Libra Tip: Although this may sound heavy, fear not, even though your wound may center around relationships, you’re very good at relating and connecting to others. You thrive on them and find true meaning by cultivating them. Just remember that your relationships don’t define you, everyone is responsible for themselves, and it’s not selfish to take care of yourself first. 


Chiron in Scorpio

This sign has a tendency to be comfortable with the darker sides of life and things most people shy away from. Chiron here can mean your deepest pain revolves around obsessions, jealousy, and control. You might have trouble setting boundaries, trusting others, and really opening up. 

Chiron in Scorpio Tip: Remember that there’s nothing wrong with you and it can be a really great trait to be willing to go deep. People probably feel like you’re someone they can open up to and maybe what you need is to allow yourself to open up to someone. You don’t need to trust everyone, but building trust with a few close people could be very healing. 


Chiron in Sagittarius

Wound? Pain? Who, you? You might be thinking that you don’t have anything of the sort but that’s part of how this placement manifests. There’s a level of disconnection here with Sagittarius, the traveler and thrill seeker of the Zodiac. It may be hard for you to look inward, and you might find yourself constantly looking outward for meaning, which can leave you feeling a little empty. 

Chiron in Sagittarius Tip: You’re a powerful fire sign and you don’t have to be afraid to be alone with yourself. Facing our biggest fears can take away the power they hold over us. Practice sitting in discomfort vs instantly looking for a quick fix. You might be surprised to find that you actually really like yourself!


Chiron in Capricorn

Capricorn is known for being dedicated and relentless. This wound can show up as all the things we associate with a classic workaholic – burnout, stress, and fear of failure. All of this stems from a deep need to be recognized by others and also prove to yourself that you’re successful. 

Chiron in Capricorn Tip: How would you feel about yourself if you had no accolades or titles? If that sends shivers down your spine, stop and think about someone you truly love. Do you love them because of all the things they’ve accomplished? Most likely, the answer is no. You love them for who they are, and the same can be said for you!


Chiron in Aquarius

This sign is always a few steps ahead of everyone and focused on innovation and forward movement. You’re creative and sometimes eccentric, and with a Chiron in this sign, feeling like you don’t quite fit in can be a source of pain. You might feel separate or different and just want to connect and find your group. 

Chiron in Aquarius Tip: What makes you unique is what makes you special! Wanting to be part of a group isn’t a bad desire, but people can be fickle and you don’t need to change yourself to be liked. Find healing by staying true to yourself and connecting to whatever higher power calls to you. 


Chiron in Pisces

Pisces are in tune with their intuition and other people. This can be a really amazing trait but it can also become exhausting and unhealthy. With a Chiron sign here, you may not be able to separate yourself from others, which causes suffering. 

Chiron in Pisces Tip: Pisces is a water sign and at times you might feel like a sponge, absorbing everyone’s pain around you. You may feel like this is helping your loved ones but in the long run, it enables them and encourages you to escape your own pain. Practice setting boundaries and allowing yourself to focus on your own pain, a spiritual practice of your choice could be helpful!






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