We just entered March and depending on where you live, spring may be just around the corner (the Spring Equinox happens this month on the 20th). Astrologically we’re in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces season, and Aries season (and the equinox) kicks off the beginning of the Western zodiac year. If you’re feeling a little restless after the long winter months (and almost a year of travel restrictions) you’re not alone. It can be tempting to wish time away waiting for the arrival of spring and warmer days, green leaves, and new flower life creeping through the soil.

The planet Mars also leaves the steady earthy sign of Taurus and enters the quick-minded air sign Gemini on the 3rd of this month. Mars is the planet of action, so this transit may have us feeling even more restless and looking for outlets for our energy. Gemini energy thrives on big ideas and they like to move quickly. This month it might be more than tempting to dive into something headfirst without much thought. While that can be fun (and sometimes just has to be done), it’s good to remember we’re in Pisces season until the 20th. Wise, watery Pisces reminds us to slow down and make sure our physical action aligns with our inner world. And grounding crystals may be the perfect way to try this. 


Crystals can help us ground and connect to our inner world

Crystals come from the natural world and each one has different properties. You don’t have to be super-spiritual or know a lot about the healing benefits of crystals to use them! For some people, just looking at a beautiful purple amethyst and the intricately faceted clusters reminds them of the vast mysteries of the universe. If you’re more of a skeptic, you’ll appreciate that amethyst gets its purple color from a process that happens with the mineral iron. Another purple stone called lepidolite contains high quantities of Lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medicine. Unsurprisingly, lepidolite can be used to help with anxiety and create a sense of calm. The mere fact that crystals come from the earth makes them great for grounding, and their mineral properties also have intense grounding effects.


What crystal should I use according to my zodiac sign?

Since we’re talking about grounding and connecting to our inner world, I suggest using your moon sign for this! Our moon sign is said to be our truest selves, who we are when we’re alone or in the company of our closest people. Our sun sign does represent who we are in the world, so you can of course also read this for your sun sign. You could even check the suggestion for both and see which feels more like what you need! The reason I suggest working with your moon sign is that Pisces season has us checking in with our values. She reminds us to make sure that whatever we want to jump into this coming year feels authentic and is worth putting our energy into. Using our moon sign energy can help us feel connected to who we really are and ensure our actions and efforts feel satisfying. Read on to see which crystal can help you ground this season.



Aries: Clear Quartz Point

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries rules the head and face. A quartz point is associated with these parts of our bodies and can be used to help with migraines and other headaches. You are always willing to lead the way and initiate big projects or drastic changes. Slowing down is the last thing you ever want to hear and a clear quartz point with its sharp tip reminds us that we can be powerful and cautious at the same time. 


Taurus: Angelite

This stone possesses a beautiful, ethereal, pale blue color. Just looking at it can create a tranquil feeling. It’s associated with the throat and thyroid, and Taurus rules the neck. As a Taurus, you already feel very connected to your physical body and naturally quite grounded. This stone helps open psychic connection and angelic realms. It can also help remind you that your inner world is as important as the outer. 


Gemini: Black Tourmaline

We’ve already covered that Gemini energy, like air, moves quickly! You may often feel a little ungrounded and sometimes even like your busy and intelligent mind is a few steps ahead of the rest of your body. Black tourmaline is a grounding and protective stone, and can absorb negative energy. You can set a piece near your entryway and it will help ward off any energy you don’t want from entering your home. I also recommend meditating with it. Your brain will thank you for the deep, slow breaths and calming energy. 


Cancer: Selenite

Cancer is ruled by the moon and sometimes you may find yourself feeling a little lunar (aka loony)! Just joking (mostly), but you’re a sensitive soul and can often feel a little disconnected from the earth. Selenite gets its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and from its moon-like color. Put a piece of this in your bedroom and let its serene nature help you ground in deep, relaxing sleep at night. 


Leo: Amazonite

Proud Leo rules the heart and spine, and this stone can be used with the heart chakra. Amazonite is associated with the elements of earth and water and can help soothe your Leo fire! If you feel like you need to open your heart a bit and connect to something bigger than your majestic lioness self, this grounding stone can help. You can lay with your back over a pillow (look up the yoga pose “supported fish”) and rest this stone right over the center of your chest. 


Virgo: Dalmatian Jasper

It’s fairly easy to see how this stone got its name. It’s covered in speckles, much like a Dalmatian dog, and its appearance reminds us of the playful side of life. It’s also a very grounding stone and can help us get unstuck by dispelling negative thought patterns. Virgo’s motto is “I Analyze” and this is the stone to have on hand if you often find yourself in analysis paralysis! Use this stone to help ground any obsessive thoughts. Allow the imperfect pattern to remind you that things don’t have to be perfect to be pretty great. 


Libra: Amethyst

Libra, you’re all about the aesthetic of things (you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty after all). Amethyst is the grounding crystal to have as a statement piece, and it’s as beautiful as it is healing. This crystal helps with anxiety, stress, and grief, and can connect you to your third eye center. As an air sign, you can sometimes feel a little untethered. This is the perfect piece to remind you to ground into the spiritual side of life.  


Scorpio: Hematite

Watery Scorpio rules the lymphatic system and blood, and hematite is a stone that can help strengthen our blood. It’s has a unique look and feel, and is extremely grounding and protective. Scorpio can be a little obsessed with the unseen world. While blood definitely has some occult associations, it’s also something that we need to stay alive. Working with this stone can help you connect to both your inner and outer world by reminding you that sometimes it’s ok to step away from your investigating (I mean researching) and accept something for what it is.


Sagittarius: Peach Moonstone

As a Sagittarius you love adventure and new experiences and when it comes to feeling restless you may know the feeling well! Peach Moonstone is a grounding crystal that stimulates creativity which can be helpful for channeling your powerful energy. It’s associated with the sacral chakra which is where our creativity lives so working with this stone can help you feel connected and grounded in your physical body. It also has a soothing quality and loving energy and can help with any anxiousness or feeling of being restricted. 


Capricorn: Malachite

Capricorns tend to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. Malachite absorbs negative energy and helps with a multitude of physical symptoms, so it’s a great stone to have on hand in general. It helps with opening your heart and encourages risk-taking, which might not seem like a grounding practice. But for Capricorns, this might be just what you need! You’re usually very methodical and practical, which are wonderful attributes. Sometimes, however, you need to connect to your inner self and trust the process. Malachite can always help with this. 


Aquarius: Emerald

This sign is all about forward movement, innovation, and creating connections with others. You’re often associated with space and overall being somewhat other-worldly! At your core, you’re a humanitarian Aquarius and emerald can help you regenerate yourself because it strengthens the nervous system. This crystal can help you ground by slowing down and remember to take care of yourself. It’s associated with the eyes and vision so you can use it to tap into what you really want to see in your life this year.  


Pisces: Black Obsidian

Intuitive Pisces, obsidian is strong enough to keep even you connected to the earth! It’s one of the most powerful stones for dealing with negative energy and creates a strong protective shield. It’s formed from cooling volcanic lava and helps stimulate growth which can be helpful when you do decide to take action in the physical world. It’s associated with the root chakra and strengthening it with this stone will help you feel safe, secure and stable. 


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