In the Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, there’s one prized catch that people from all over the world cannot get enough of: salmon. With its high-protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid richness, salmon often takes the spotlight for its many benefits, versatility in recipes, and undeniably delicious taste.  

These days when going out isn’t an option for most of us, some people have started looking at various online stores that can deliver quality goods and fresh meat for some awesome home cooked meals.

If you’re a salmon lover, you can still find some amazing options delivered right to your doorstep. Some grocers like Wild Alaskan Company even offer subscriptions to a monthly supply of wild caught seafood, which can make it even easier to try out some of these mouthwatering salmon recipes at home:

One-Pan Sockeye Salmon

Photo via The Well Essentials

If you get your hands on a wild sockeye salmon that’s rich in omega 3-fatty acid goodness, try this delicious and easy recipe for the entire family to enjoy. Perfect for high-heat oven cooking or the grill, you’ll need just a few ingredients to season this already flavorful fish. 

Simply place your salmon, skin side down on a spread out aluminum foil and over a baking sheet. Put in some olive oil, crushed garlic, and asparagus for more flavor and aroma. Start preheating the oven, or grill and sprinkle your salmon with some lemon juice, salt, and ground pepper before cooking it into a pale pink color or when the meat easily flakes when sliced. 

The main trick for this dish is not to overcook it on high heat but to just make sure that all parts are cooked to perfection. Sockeye salmon is moist and can cook in just a few minutes when its fatty oils appear on the surface of the meat as white juices. Once done, you may top it with a mix of capers, red onions, and a bit of olive oil and serve while hot. What you get is a super healthy dish that’s easy and delicious!  

Check out the full recipe here.    

Grilled Pineapple Salmon

Photo via Taste Made

Grilling salmon makes it a bit ore tender and juicy than if you’re baking it, and giving it a hint of pineapple sweetness makes it all the tastier.  

First, prepare your marinade by mixing lime juice, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, brown sugar, cilantro, and salt in a small bowl. Baste the marinade on eight ounces of salmon and cool it inside the fridge for an hour though do set aside a good portion of the marinade for grilling later. 

When your salmon’s ready, place it on top of a pineapple flank (make sure the fruit covering is intact and it matches the size of your salmon flank for better presentation), then sprinkle with some cilantro sprigs. Top it again with another pineapple flank just like a sandwich and hold it together with kitchen twine. Just like that, you’re ready to grill! 

Be sure the heat is on medium before you place your salmon sandwich on the grill and cook each side for a good five minutes. Use your remaining marinade while the salmon is on the grill and wait until the pineapple flanks on each side are slightly charred. Remove twine and serve. Immediately, you’ll find how the flavors of pineapple, soy sauce, and cilantro meld perfectly with the distinct taste of salmon in this unique recipe.            

Check out the full recipe here.

Asian Salmon in Foil

Photo via Damn Delicious

One of the most delicious salmon recipes we can find online is this practically effortless. As most salmon lovers know, foil usually pairs well because it seals in all the flavor while you cook it. And the best part– it doesn’t get messy! 

For flavor, combine honey, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, Asian chili sauce, and some ground pepper in mixing bowl. Stir until smooth. Baste your salmon flanks with the marinade and cover in foil. Make sure each flank is tight and well-covered so no flavor gets out then bake it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes on medium-high.

Once the time is up, open up the foil. Don’t eat it yet though as you still have to broil it for another two minutes in the oven to make sure that the marinade is caramelized through and the meat is slightly charred. Take it out of the oven once done and sprinkle bits of green onions and sesame seeds. 

Discover more of this unique Asian dish right here

Why Wild-Caught is Better than Farm-Raised

For all these dishes, we personally recommend using wild-caught salmon so you can truly appreciate fuller and bolder flavors than those that are farm-raised. Many nutritional experts have also said that along with fuller flavor, wild-caught salmon is healthier with a higher omega-3 acid profile. Farmed salmon in the US are usually grown in dense and packed pens near ocean shores, which exposes them to pollution or man-made chemicals. Eating these types too often may cause you some problems in the long run.     

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