Hey Amanda,

I have been experiencing a ton of brain fog lately. I keep reading things online about B12 deficiencies potentially causing this. Is there a way to know that I have a B12 deficiency? Or do you have any foods/ideas that you’d recommend for increasing my B12 intake?


Samantha B.


Hey Samantha!

Vitamin B12 is important for the development and protection of nerve cells and red blood cells. It also aids in DNA production. Deficiencies can result in weakness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, increased irritability, gastrointestinal distress, anemia, and nervous system dysfunction. Surprisingly, animal products are not sole providers of vitamin B12- bacteria via dirt is where B12 is naturally found. Once upon a time humans used to eat food from the ground with minimal washing. Obviously now we have to wash our veggies and fruits (which, I hope you do), and even supplement livestock animals with B12 as it is an essential vitamin but cannot be as easily obtained because of soil quality, chemicals, pesticides, and our diligent sanitation as humans! To combat the modern world we live in, many healthcare providers are in agreement that supplementing with vitamin B12 would be the easiest solution and preventative action against deficiencies. They are generally easy to find and affordable and are not easy to overdose on as B vitamins are water soluble so any extra would be urinated out. 

Good luck in your journey,



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