Dear Anna,

My boyfriend and I have been living together for a year. He still hasn’t posted anything about me on social media. Should I be upset?

Thank you!

-Christine J.


Hi Christine!

People post about relationships that are important enough to talk about. The moment you start cohabitating, sharing expenses, raising pets, making babies (you get the idea) – you deserve to be socially acknowledged. If he’s not hiding you in his real world, why would he hide you in his online world? In my opinion, living together raises the relationship to post-worthy status. 

Now, it is worth asking, is he active on social media? If he’s one of the few who doesn’t hang out on social media, then he may not understand why not sharing about you would be an issue. 

There are also couples who choose to be private on social media. They don’t post about their relationships or share much about their personal lives. They believe it to be better for them and their relationship to remain private. For those who go this route, I have full respect. 

Now, there is also this to consider: if your boyfriend is a private person and you are a sharing person, some compromise may be needed. Maybe he can honor your need and share a post or two about your relationship. And, equally, you could honor his need for privacy and not expect him to be super romantic or gushy about you online. So, my dear, if he’s a private person, you may need to extend some grace. But, if he’s not so private? Make some noise about your needs/desires!



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