Hi Jamie Rose,

I read your message about buying sex toys, and it helped me so much! But you COMPLETELY left us hanging, how do you wash your sex toys?!

-Sarah B.


Hey Sarah!

You are completely right; I should have left some how-to instructions! But here we are so let’s do this. 

You should be cleaning your toys after every time you use them. If you are using toys with a partner or have toys that are porous, you can put a condom on the toys to be safe. Toys that have medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass, or are stainless steel can be washed with mild, unscented soap and warm water. Do not use products like Kaboom, bleach, detergent, alcohol, or peroxide. This can ruin the materials on your toys. Also, it’s just not good for your skin/body. 

Another thing to consider: If your toy isn’t waterproof, don’t submerge it into water. Check the box or instructions to see if your toy is 100% waterproof, if it isn’t, it may have little spaces that water can get in, and then your toy is ruined. 

Did you know you could also boil non-vibrating toys that are medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel for about 3-4 minutes to disinfect them? Just make yourself a hot steeping stew of sex toys! 

Once you’ve cleaned your toys, you are to make sure they are fully dried before you put them away. To avoid getting towel fibers on your toys, you can just let them air dry. When you store them you’ll want them to be in a clean area like a waterproof bag or clean drawer. Maybe even a treasure chest, so you always feel like you found a treasure when you go to use your toys again. 

Some places do sell sex toy-specific cleansers or sprays, but be mindful of scents and ingredients. Those products work just as well as some unscented, mild antibacterial soap from the dollar store. 

I hope this helps you keep your toys safe and clean!


With pleasure,

Jamie Rose

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