On Sunday, March 28th, the full super moon will land in the sign of Libra. This sign is symbolized by the scales and is associated with our relationships. It craves balance and strives to create a harmonious flow between all the different facets of our lives. This moon will highlight all the unique relationships we have with people and things, including our relationship with self. We just entered Aries season (Libra’s opposite sign), and as the first sign of the zodiac, they tend to be self-focused and very aware of their personal power. Aries is also a fire sign, so you may be feeling a sudden push to take action towards goals, especially ones related to your physical body! I’ll detail the kind of energy you can expect this moon to bring and offer some insights for each zodiac sign. 


New Year Energy


Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, so the change from Pisces to Aries season marks the beginning of the astrological year. We’ll all be feeling a noticeable shift in energy as Pisces and Aries operate quite differently. Pisces is a water sign that encourages us to dive deep and feel all the feels. And as the last sign of the zodiac, they’re known for being wise, old souls.

Fiery Aries encourages play, childlike wonder, and fun! They’re less likely to want to go deep with feelings and usually prefer to move onward and forward. This time of year is ideal for striking a balance between the two and accessing what parts of your life could benefit from going deeper and what parts could use some forward-moving energy.

Spring brings rebirth energy, and this full moon will be the perfect time to give your day to day routines a once over and assess if you’re investing your energy in powerful ways. Only you know what balance looks like when it comes to holding on vs letting go, being vs doing, and taking action vs finding rest. Read on to see some tips for your sign and remember you can also read for your moon sign as well! 




libra full moon

We’ve finally entered your season and it probably feels like a breath of fresh air! You may have had a slower start to 2021 than you’re used to, but this next month you’ll have the energy and confidence to kick things into gear. You can use this full moon to assess any recent plans you’ve made and create a plan of attack. You tend to be impulsive so getting organized will help direct your energy in powerful ways. 




As a stable earth sign, you pride yourself on taking your time and being steadfast. These are wonderful traits, but Pisces season may have left you feeling a little lethargic. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, and this moon will be just the push you need to make a little more room for love and beauty. Use this time to evaluate which of your relationships could use a little more attention, including the one with you have with yourself.  




You can live quite a bit in your head, so grounding practices are always a good idea. And especially so around the full moon! Remember that you can feel the energy of the full moon a few days leading up to it and a few days after it. It can be hard for you to slow down, but full moons aren’t the time to start new things. Find time this weekend to just purely rest. For example, if you’re watching a show, try not doing anything else at the same time.




libra full moon

As a fellow water sign, Pisces season may have felt like a comfortable blanket. It also could have led you to do a lot of soul searching and going within. Aries season may feel a bit like ripping off a bandaid, but this Libra full moon will help ease you into it! Libra energy wants to make room for everyone and encourages people to bring their unique selves to the table. Where can you find ways to be a little more seen and embrace the confidence that Aries season brings? 




Fire is your element and Aries season is right up your alley! You probably have something in the works that you’ve been waiting to unveil, and it’s almost the perfect time. You like to make a bold statement, but this full moon reminds you that good things take time. Take a holistic look at your goals and make sure you’re leaving room for all aspects of your life to thrive, including your relationships.




libra full moon

The astrological start to the new year gives you another chance to set new year intentions/resolutions/goals. Anything you can mark down on paper gets you excited! You appreciate the boldness of Aries and the aesthetic of Libra, so this full moon may feel like just the energy you’ve been waiting for. You tend to thrive on routine, so use this weekend to take an objective look at your schedule and see if your energy is directed where you want it. 




This full moon in your sign will highlight your relationships and where you may be giving too much at the expense of your own needs. You crave balance in all things, but it’s good to remember that just like your symbol, the scale, things can’t be perfectly set and stay that way forever. Sometimes you find yourself looking outward more than inward, so use this full moon to place the focus on yourself and your self-care practices. 




libra full moon

Aries energy aligns with your sign’s driven nature, and you’ve probably noticed an increased sense of vitality with the arrival of Spring! Scorpios are known for being intense, but you know that you have a plan and you stick to it. The Libra full moon may cause you to pause and remember that sometimes things are out of our control. Think back to the new moon in Pisces we had a few weeks ago, does a theme keep popping up? Does your master plan need adjusting?  




As a fellow fire sign, you’re already well aware we’ve entered Aries season. The airy energy of this Libra moon will most likely stoke your inner fire even more! You may have a million things you’re excited to start, and grounding practices will be beneficial (not your favorite thing to hear). While this month’s theme of “grounding in rest” may not be high on your priority list, remember that burnout is real. Fight this burnout by finding ways to incorporate short moments of rest in your day-to-day routine. 




You aren’t one to be too swayed by the fiery start of Aries season because you tend to stay in your personal boss energy 24/7. That’s not to say you won’t be affected by this full moon and feel the pull to embody Libra’s relational energy. Take a step back from your goals and make a date with a friend, partner, family member, or even a neighbor (a Zoom meetup still counts). Check in with them and allow yourself time to just be. Personal success is as important as professional success. 




libra full moon

Libra’s air energy and their focus on relationships is right in line with your community and philanthropic-minded priorities. Use this full moon to come back to earth a little if you’ve been swept away during Pisces season. What steps have you taken to get closer to goals you’ve set for yourself this year? If the answer is none, that’s ok! The year is still young, but this is an ideal time for you to get focused and clear on what you want to accomplish by the end of it. 



You’re used to this time of year feeling like just the beginning for you. You’ve celebrated a birthday and probably also looked back at the year behind you. This full moon may find you feeling nostalgic so if you’re able to, have a plan in place for some self-care practices that make you feel like you! What seeds did you plant around the new moon in your sign a few weeks ago? Remember that feeling of newness and let your self-care practices bring you into Aries season refreshed.

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