One of the really cool things about astrology and your own birth chart is that there are so many different unique parts. Even if you share a birthday with someone, there will be differences! Some of my favorite astrologers, The Astro Twins, were born just minutes apart and they have still small differences in their birth charts. I’ve discussed how your sign can help you decorate your home and what your Venus can tell you about your love life, and now I’m going to give you some insight into your north node, south node, and your karmic path.

Your North and South Nodes

Your North and South Nodes These can help you discover what you came into this life already knowing, and what you need to learn to grow and become who you’re meant to be. You can think of your south node like your comfort zone and north node as the unknown adventure that’s calling to you.

You’ll need to refer back to your birth chart to find your north node, but it may be easier to use this online calculator from Cafe Astrology. Once you know your north node, your south node is always in the opposite sign (sometimes described as the Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail). If you use that calculator, your results will also show you a table with your south node sign.

The nodes aren’t planets, but they refer to a set of points calculated at the time you were born. They’re calculated using the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth…and intercepting lines…and things I don’t fully understand as an astrology enthusiast. So if science is your thing, you’ll have to delve into the specifics elsewhere. 

“You can think of your south node like your comfort zone and north node as the unknown adventure that’s calling to you.”

But What is Our Karmic Path?

By karmic path, I mean what you came into this life to accomplish. If you believe in reincarnation and past lives, then your south node can be interpreted as who you were in a past life and your north node is who you’re meant to become in this lifetime. If you aren’t sure how you feel about all that you can still think of your south node as the things that come easy to you, natural talents, and your past. And you can think of your north node as your future and destiny. 

“Your karmic path is what you came into this life to accomplish.”

One of the things I find most interesting about this is that it questions the idea of our personalities, our gifts, and what will truly bring us happiness. According to astrology, if we stay in our south node traits and continue to work hard to develop things associated with that sign, we’ll never truly feel fulfilled.

It makes sense why a lot of us who went to college are not working in the major we chose! How could we know at 18 or even 20 years old what will make us happy throughout this lifetime? (if you did know that’s awesome! Everyone is different and our paths unique). We’re meant to change and grow over time, and understanding our lunar nodes may help us embrace that.

Some astrologers even say a lot of us will struggle with embracing traits of our north node sign and feel stuck in our south node sign until about 30 years old (queue quarter-life crisis). 

There’s No “Good” and “Bad” Sign in Our Chart

Our south node sign isn’t bad, and there’s nothing wrong with the traits that come naturally to us, it’s just not where we’ll feel the most alive. On the other hand, your north node sign might scare you a little bit! If you’re very adventurous and free-spirited, you may be surprised to find you have a north node in a stable earth sign. But if you dig deeper, perhaps your soul has been craving a little routine or longs to feel grounded. Or maybe you’re naturally very organized, always prompt, never miss a beat and you discover your north node is in a fun-loving air sign and your soul’s journey is calling you to embrace a little freedom!

“We’re meant to change and grow over time, and understanding our lunar nodes may help us embrace that.”

My South Node in Virgo Meets My North Node in Pisces

To help explain, I’ll use my own chart as an example. I have a north node in Pisces (who I’m meant to become) and south node in Virgo (who I’ve already been). As a Virgo Sun (hello fellow maidens!), traits associated with the earth sign Virgo do come more naturally to me (as a child I got really excited about office supplies and was very strict with ETA on our family road trips). I also really like things to be planned and scheduled.

Traits associated with the water sign Pisces sound a little scary to me. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “go with the flow” thing, and I’m scared of the deep sea (Pisces are the astrological mermaids).

According to astrology, I could stay comfortable in my Virgo traits and always feel a little unfilled (albeit with a nicely laid out calendar and drawers that would make Marie Kondo proud), OR I can journey into the unknown and see what I can learn from mystical and creative Pisces. 

Your astrological chart is like a really great book written all about you. There are so many different houses, signs, planets, and points. It’s fascinating what we can learn about ourselves from it, and like all things, some will sound accurate and some might sound off.

It’s even more interesting to think that the things that don’t quite sound like us…could be exactly like the versions of us we just haven’t grown into it yet! Whether you resonate with your north and south node or not, it can be nice to allow ourselves the freedom to grow and change into different versions of ourselves and embrace the things that don’t come naturally to us.

TBN, delivered.

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