Halloween is almost here, and I am not ashamed to say that it is my favorite holiday. I have fond memories of the leaves changing and the weather cooling. My Dad would include me and my siblings in on some authentically scary and homemade Halloween decorations. We would prop a coffin on the front porch and attach a string from the coffin door to the front door so that it would open when my parents answered the door. Then we would trick-or-treat in our small farm town neighborhood, running as fast as we could and then drive to the city to get some more candy, ending the night with our feet propped on the fireplace mantel as we warmed up and watched Hocus Pocus. Doesn’t this sound exhilarating with a glimpse of Hygge?

I want to replicate this every year until I remember that I am no longer the cute-looking kid asking for candy. But as I’ve gotten older and realized the way I nourish myself affects how I feel mind, body, and soul, I see trick-or-treating and this conventional candy-ridden holiday as a month represented by sugar crashes, brain fog, and poor digestion. All of a sudden, the excitement that normally is Halloween feels a lot less exciting.

For those of us who have rendered the news to ourselves of just how much our food affects our mental health, the overabundance of processed candy doesn’t sound like a beckoning place for our emotions and overall mental space. The mind-body connection is a two way street, and we have some control over both. And while 2020 has not been what we thought it would, holidays and gatherings of any social kind will look different. While more people will be staying in and channeling their cozy, autumn, Hygge vibes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to some healthier halloween options.

Before you assume that I am impeccable at ignoring the candy bowl at a Halloween party, I want to remind you that I am usually the one grabbing a Reese’s every time I walk by. In fact, this article comes from my personal balance and intention to eat intuitively without overly restricting.

Let’s be honest, I want to access my natural energy levels without sugar or caffeine to compensate for the sugar crashes, while still indulging in a healthy way. Whether you are at a Halloween party and want a drink, have kids who will be trick-or-treating and you want to swap out what they bring home, or just want to bake this season, here are my good-quality options for every occasion during Halloween.


Simple Mills Baked Goods

This company has made it their mission to provide delicious food while being nourishing at the same time. Their ingredients are minimal and they choose the flours and sweeteners they use thoughtfully. I am particularly obsessed with their baked goods. Their muffins are incredible and not overly rich. They currently have pumpkin muffins that are made using almond flour, organic coconut sugar, pumpkin, arrowroot, organic cinnamon and nutmeg, organic coconut flour, baking soda, and sea salt. Each ingredient is simple and whole, without any additives or preservatives. Put on Hocus Pocus, and bake up a batch of these bad boys. Pumpkin anything before Halloween is always a good thing!


Adult Drinks

Organic wine is a better option when it comes to fermented adult beverages. If wine is your thing at a party, that’s great! However, if wine isn’t your jam, let’s spice it up with something more festive for those of us who like hard liquor. When it comes to spirits, tequila is my go-to. Always aim for 100% blue agave to avoid unwanted additives. While there are natural sugars in tequila, they are non-digestible so they don’t spike your blood sugar levels.

Here is a list of the best organic tequila available at Total Wine.

Go ahead and indulge! With an organic pumpkin spice simple syrup like this one, you can take your quality tequila and mix it to make a Halloween cocktail you know isn’t going to affect your overall health the next day, or in the future.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is indeed one for the books. However, we both know that it is loaded with processed sugar. Luckily, we came up with a healthier alternative for any way you are currently eating. Whether you are vegan, trying out Keto, in the middle of Whole 30, or just prefer to eat Paleo, we got you!

You can also add this healthy vegan pumpkin spice creamer to your morning cup of Joe.


Organic Candy Options

Processed sugar has a detrimental effect on our health. It causes us to access our sympathetic nervous system which puts us in a state of stress. We then continue to take quicker and shorter breaths, putting our body into more stress, all over a 30 second experience. However, when we choose more healthful sources of sugary goodness, we can avoid the stress processed sugar puts on our body. Not to mention the preservatives, additives, hidden ingredients, and food coloring that show up in most conventional Halloween candy.

If you want to eat some yourself, or just switch out your children’s Halloween candy with better quality sugar so they can still enjoy the experience, check out my favorite organic candy finds.

BLACK FOREST GUMMIES – classic gummy bears and gummy worms.

WHOLESOME ORGANIC DELISH FISH – a healthier (and tastier) take on Swedish Fish that doesn’t make my stomach turn in pain.

YUMEARTH ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS – a great alternative to my beloved tootsie pops.

ALTER ECO CHOCOLATE – This is a high integrity company, prioritizing fair trade sourcing and just a few organic ingredients in each flavor of chocolate they carry. You can taste the quality in each bite.


There you have it! Everything you love about Halloween, with a healthy twist. While you bake, party and drink, settle into the usual fall PSL obsession, and manage trick-or-treating candy overload, you can now consciously choose healthier options for you and your family. 

Whether you have allergies or are trying to make more conscious food choices this Halloween season, reading labels is super important! Avoid processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, other preservatives and additives, and food coloring.

TBN, delivered.

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