The amount of skincare and makeup available to us now is INSANE. You see products everywhere: department stores, Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens… option after option.

The question becomes how do we sift through all this stuff and decide which ones to purchase?

Well, the ideal way would be to go consult an expert.

Picture yourself strolling into Nordstrom, finding the beauty section, and then heading to a makeup counter to get advice from a beauty advisor or makeup artist. They’ll sit you down in the chair, make you feel comfortable, and go to work on your face. It’s the whole shabang, face, eyes, lips, and a spritz of setting spray to send you off looking your best.

You may think to yourself, “I want to look like this everyday.” You pick out the products you love and ask for a total.

Your jaw drops.

How did it add up so fast?

You stammer and make up an excuse that you need to use the restroom or that you forgot your wallet in the car and turn right around and get the heck out of there. On the way home from the mall, you make a stop at Target to pick up what you think may suffice in place of the crazy expensive stuff.

Makeup and skincare products are typically categorized as one of two varieties: prestige cosmetics or mass cosmetics, which are also referred to as luxury cosmetics or drugstore cosmetics.

A lot of people would assume that luxury makeup and skincare are obviously the ideal way to go. This isn’t necessarily true, especially within the last couple of years. Many drugstore brands are really stepping up their game and producing some really great products.

Let’s go back to your experience at Nordstrom. What did you pick out? Was it enough product to do an entire full face of makeup?

When it comes down to it, not all of your products need to fall into the luxury category. There are things that you can pick and choose to add to your collection, but they don’t need to make up the entire stash.

When you’re asking yourself what you should be splurging on, I like to say that essential items are investments worth making. By creating a solid foundation with higher-end products, you can supplement with cheaper options.

Here are five items that you should be splurging on and why.

Face Primer

A lot of people skip on the primer, but I truly believe that it’s an essential. Primer can correct and prepare the face for everything going on top of it.

Think of primer like the footing you put under a house foundation (now we know how foundation got its name LOL). The foundation supports the house, and the footing supports the foundation. It’s essential to ensuring that the whole thing stays standing.

Primer can smooth the face, correct redness or uneven skin texture, and brighten, which leaves a perfect surface for the foundation to glide on to. A good primer is going to do the best job, and those tend to be higher-end. Investing in one is going to be worth it. Your makeup will stay looking fresh and full all day.

Primers Worth Splurging On


I’m sure you saw this one coming! Foundation is what creates a beautiful canvas for the whole face. Anything that goes on top of it will be enhanced by your foundation. Taking the time to find the perfect color and finish will truly take your makeup game to the next level.

You want a formula that can hold up all day. Who wants to touch up every two hours? The higher-end brands tend to have longer lasting power.

It’s also hard to find the ideal drugstore formula, because you rarely have the opportunity to color match yourself or feel the texture. Going to Sephora or a counter allows you to make a choice based on what’s INSIDE the bottle as opposed to the color or description on the packaging.

Foundations Worth Splurging On


When it comes to eyeshadows, pigment is everything! You want something with staying power. Have you ever had an issue with your eyeshadowfading or smearing? It probably has something to do with the quality of shadows that you’re using.

Even if color isn’t a big deal to you, and you want a more natural look, high quality neutral shadows are key. A softer, creamier consistency is key rather than something dry or chalky. Luxury brands make some incredible shadows that are super reliable and make for easy blending and beautiful looks.

Eyeshadows Worth Splurging On


For those of you scratching your head about what the heck a serum is, check out this post to get lots of details. A serum is basically a concentrate of ingredients that deeply penetrates the skin to address a skincare issue.

Serums can do so much to help the skin! However, there are a lot of serums out there that don’t do much of anything. Serums that you see at the drugstore often have less quality ingredients and are going to have little to no effect on your skin. If you really want to see results, do your research. The best serums are usually going to be higher end.

If you have a skincare concern that plagues you, it’s totally worth it to invest in a serum.

Serums Worth Splurging On

Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate area on the face. You start to see fine lines and wrinkles developing here first. One way to prevent this from happening faster is to invest in a good eye cream.

Eye cream not only hydrate the eye area (which in itself can slow down the crows feet from showing up), they can help with other issues such as dark circles and puffiness. The eyes are usually what we want to highlight the most so we need to take good care of them.

Eye creams tend to last a long time as well. You only have to use a little bit of a quality eye cream to get results, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Eye Creams Worth Splurging On

What are your must have luxury products? Let us know in the comments!