I don’t fully know when I became as interested in all things astrology as I am today, but I do recall from a very young age being intrigued by the horoscope pages I found in the newspaper and sometimes the back of women’s magazines.

Growing up, my family went to church a lot, and the pastime was not necessarily encouraged. But that didn’t keep me from quickly scanning the daily Virgo forecasts every chance I got. As I got older and started learning more about astrology, I was surprised to find out your sun sign is just one small part of your astrological makeup. Your horoscope is really one big deep dive into your personality, what you like and dislike, how you react in certain situations, and even the type of person you may be drawn to romantically. 

The Holy Grail to discovering your personal astrology makeup is called your birth chart. Your chart will tell you which sign each planet was in when you were born. Venus is considered the love and romance planet, and I will help you uncover how learning what sign Venus was in when you were born can give you some insight into your romantic personality.

You’re More Than Just Your Sun Sign

Most astrologers consider three signs as making up the strongest part of your personality-your sun, moon, and rising sign. Most likely you’re familiar with your sun sign even if you’re not into astrology at all. Often when I meet skeptics, the first thing they tell me is how one stereotype of their sun sign doesn’t fit them at all.

It’s true that your sun sign does account for part of your personality, but a lot of people believe your moon sign is your true nature and your rising sign is the personality you may show outwardly to most people! Astrology can seem really confusing and there are lots of symbols, numbers, houses, wheels, and degrees that have to be taken into consideration. But fear not, because you can figure out your sun, moon, rising, and a whole lot of other things by just typing in some numbers on a website for free!

Why the Time You Were Born is Important

Your birth chart will tell you which sign each planet was in when you were born. If you search “free natal chart” you can easily find your entire birth chart, you will just need to know where you were born and what time. I usually use Cafe Astrology. It’s the first one that pops up in the search list (if I’m being honest I think that’s the main reason I use it) and you don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to any emails to get your results!

There are also a lot of cool apps that will show you your chart and give you daily updates (Co-star is a popular one). If you’ve never looked at your chart before, you might jump straight to overwhelm because there is a lot of info. Even though I read and study astrology daily, I would say I’m still scratching the surface.

There are trained astrologers that you can pay to read your chart and give you a personalized deep dive into each part of it. I would love to have that done and I think it would be great info but…I also enjoy that the internet is free and for me, part of the fun is learning about it myself (and also….the free part). 

What is Your Romance Style?

Once you have your chart, for the purpose of this article, you’ll need to find where it says Venus and then see what sign it’s in. It will be in one of the twelve zodiac signs and you might be surprised to find that it’s very different from your sun sign! Most often when people want to know who they’re compatible with, they’ll look up their sun sign and their current love interest’s sign. This can give you some important information because like I said earlier your sun sign is part of your personality and all of us are usually drawn to certain personalities and turned off by others.

Bu your Venus sign will tell you specifically what your personality is like in regards to romance. This can mean your style of flirting, what kind of dates you like to go on, how you like to show affection, and the kind of person that might make the best partner for you. Venus is usually associated with romance, so it will give you an insight into romantic relationships and partners, and not so much other platonic relationships. 

If you’ve ever found yourself behaving differently when it comes to love or wondered why you continuously date the same kind of person, learning your Venus sign may prove to be incredibly helpful. If you’re in a relationship, it can also be helpful to learn where Venus is in your partner’s chart (of course you’ll have to casually ask them where they were born and at exactly what time to get that information).

One of the things I love about astrology is that there is no bias, the planets are where they are when you’re born and that’s that. Maybe your sun sign is in powerhouse-fire-warrior Aries and in all aspects of life you take charge and people follow, but when it comes to love and dating you’re a sappy romantic who wants sweet handwritten cards. You might find your Venus is in the watery sign of Pisces and what usually works in your everyday Aries world won’t necessarily work in your love life department. 

It doesn’t mean you’re necessarily a different person when it comes to love, but I think we’ve all experienced meeting a happily-coupled friend’s significant other and thought “hmm I would have pictured them with someone completely different.” Sometimes it may feel like we don’t even understand what we’re looking for in love and that’s where astrology can help.

As I said, astrology isn’t biased and when you find out where your Venus is and what it says about you, you might be shocked or, you might feel like you understand yourself (and maybe your partner if they’re willing to hand over their birth time) just a little bit better.

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