RegBez is an expert in the world of all things hair, skincare, and makeup and works as a stylist in the Los Angeles area. We love that RegBez approaches beauty with honesty and transparency, in the same way we like to approach wellness here at TBN!

She wants to make “all things beauty” accessible and easy for people who just want to have fun and feel good in their skin, without having the pressures of meeting the unobtainable standards of beauty in our society.

In her latest video, Reg is helping us learn how to trim our pixie cuts at home. This is helpful for if we are short on money, or don’t want to risk going to a salon during COVID. She gives us a simple step-by-step tutorial that anyone can follow, even if it’s their first time!



How to Trim a Pixie


What You’ll Need:

-A feather razor

-Some sort of a clip


Step 1: Trimming the Front

Grab a towel to catch all the tiny, itchy pieces of hair that are going to fall down. Then, take the clip and pull your hair back so that any front layers or bangs are free for cutting.

Take your feather razor and, holding it parallel to your hair, lightly run it down to finely trim the pieces. You’ll want to make sure you’re using very small chunks of hair at a time.

**Remember! We are not taking off large parts of our hair today, this is just a trim for maintenance!


Step 2: Trimming the Sides

Again, we are working parallel with the feather razor. Use your clip to pull back your hair so that the longer pieces by your ears are hanging down. Then, take the razor and a small portion of your hair, and work in a downward motion. Then, repeat on the other side.


Step 3: Trimming the Back and Around the Neck

This part is easy! Grab a handheld mirror if you have one, so that you can see what you’re doing back there. Then grab your razor and find those patches of hair that are growing down on your neck. You’ll take the razor and again, moving in a downward direction, will lightly shave off the parts that are overgrown.


And voila, you’re done! Just remember to not go overboard the first time! This is a great technique for tweaking and making small changes as your hair grows longer, but we recommend avoiding a big, drastic pixie cut without the help of a stylist!




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