RegBez may be new to world of The Better Normal, but she’s an expert in the world of all things hair, skincare, and makeup and works as a stylist in the Los Angeles area. We love that RegBez approaches beauty with honesty and transparency, in the same way we like to approach wellness here at TBN!

She wants to make “all things beauty” accessible and easy for people who just want to have fun and feel good in their skin, without having the pressures of meeting the unobtainable standards of beauty in our society.

Without further ado, welcome to our newest video series: No BS Beauty with RegBez. 




Quick and Easy Makeup Look with Just Four Products

Step One: SPF

Reg uses a tinted SPF because it makes her routine even easier. She loves Cerave SPF 30 in particular, because the tint is smooth and it leaves no white cast behind. Reg also believes that when it comes to sun protection, layering is key. Begin by getting those zones on your face that see the sun the most. For these pandemic days, that might be your nose and forehead, seeing as most of us spend our time in a face mask.

Step Two: A Lipstick…but for Everything…

Reg uses her lipstick for just about everything on her face. She uses her favorite lipstick brand (Charlotte Tilbury), on not just her lips but her cheeks and eyelids as well!

She first applies it to her lips. She then applies the stick to the hollows and the corners of her eyelids, tapping it out to spread it evenly. After that, she lightly adds some to the tops of her cheekbones and taps it out again. Reg believes that by applying to the top parts of your cheek bones that you can elevate your face and give the “lifting” illusion.

Step Three: Mascara

Reg’s favorite mascara formula is Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang. She loves the flexibility and shape of the brush. Again, in order to create the illusion of lifting, she recommends applying mascara to the top lashes only.

Step Four: Reapplying SPF

It’s tough to reapply your SPF throughout the day if you’ve already applied your makeup. But Reg’s favorite reapplying product is Color Science’s Sunforgettable Brush on Shield. Just lightly apply to your entire face whenever you need a touch up throughout the day. You can buy it in SPF 30 or 50.


And that’s it! A VERY quick and VERY easy makeup look with just a few products. Tune in for more RegBez videos coming soon, or follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!

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