If there are two things I enjoy talking about the most, its Interior Design and Astrology. The more I study astrology and analyze all the people in my life (whether they ask for it or not), the more I notice all kinds of patterns. If astrology can give us insight into our inner worlds, best career paths, and potential mate compatibility, why can’t it also help us style and design our home?

While you could use your birth chart and take each element into account (believe me, a small part of me wants to take mine and my boyfriend’s and my Shih Tzu’s birth charts and create an intricate plan for designing our home) for the purpose of this article, I’m going to keep it simple.  I’m going to provide tips on how you can use the element of your zodiac sun sign to style your home.

You probably know your sun sign and you may even know its element, whether you are a fire, air, earth, or water sign. If you don’t know, just look up the date you were born and you can find out both your sun sign and element. (If you want to go a bit more in depth, you could also apply these tips for your moon sign and its element, which is supposedly more telling of our inner world). 

To give you a quick real-world example of how this can help you, I’ll tell you a short and dramatic story: I had just moved and was making the big decision of purchasing sheets. I like to use a simple white comforter so sheets are a BIG decision, as they may be the only opportunity to introduce color or pattern to my bed (besides of course pillows, another BIG decision).

I hemmed and hawed over thread count and softness and color and what mood I wanted to set, and finally decided on a deep luxurious grey. Weeks went by… the sheets were soft, I slept well, and I thought I liked the chic look of grey and white but something just felt off…very off (insert dramatic music).

I decided to do some astrological research and quickly learned that as a Virgo sun and Capricorn moon (double earth element!) I should be filling my home with earthy and warm colors….not cool colors, and especially not grey. Of course, I was distraught, but luckily my mom came to the rescue and lent me an extra set of plain white sheets she had. I had painted the wall behind my bed a beautiful dusty peony pink (luckily it fell in the warm tone category) and once I removed the grey sheets my room felt right. 

If you’ve ever experienced something in your home feeling off, or if you’re just curious to know what your zodiac element can tell you about the colors and choices you should be choosing for your home, keep reading!

FIRE: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius

It would be easy to assume that this zodiac element should fill their home with orange and red, but that’s not entirely the case. These individuals are usually drawn to things being bright and bold. Ensuring there is lots of light, whether it’s utilizing natural sunlight or lamps and twinkle lights and candles, is key.

Fire signs are usually not meek and mild, and may be entertaining often, so large tables, bar carts filled with pretty bottles, and ample seating is also a good idea. Their whole house may not be full of vibrant color, but often they’ll feel most at home with a rich emerald green wall, striking coral cabinets, or even fun and playful (like their signs) wallpaper. 

EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

As their element alludes to, these grounded individuals enjoy warm, comfortable earth tones and strong ties to nature in their abodes. They tend to crave minimalism, but their love of collected items, travel mementos, and a need for cozy throws and pillows usually find them with a more eclectic design.

Green might be the first earth tone that comes to mind, but oftentimes earth signs feel most comfortable surrounded by warm neutrals, muted yellows, and even a rust color. Most likely they incorporate green by bringing in lots of plants. 

AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Air signs are curious and quick, and usually have a million new ideas floating around their busy minds at one time. Their home is a place for them to recharge and rest, and they usually crave a clean and serene space.

Crisp whites and cool greys and blues are soothing to the air zodiac element, and they love seeing a few of their favorite items on display without any visual clutter. Often these signs have something they’re very passionate about, and glimpses of it can be found in their home. This would be the person with their mountain bike proudly hanging on their wall, or their surfboard chicly resting in their living room, or maybe a subtle shell collection lining their windowsills. 

WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 

Water is tied to the subconscious and our emotions, and water signs have a reputation for being deeply tied to their emotions. Whereas air signs may enjoy pops of teal and turquoise in their home, water signs are likely more drawn to navy, black, and moody interiors.

Any one of these signs could probably be found perfectly content in a bed with dark sheets, chic dark walls, and a canopy draping from the ceiling over it. Their home is probably a place they can go to express their deep emotions, and they may have bookshelves lined with books on certain topics that intrigue them. It’s not to say that all water signs want a dark home, but they may have prominent pops of black and metal furniture because metal is associated with the water element. 

Did any of this resonate with you? What you find yourself drawn to? As always, astrology is not a rule book, so some of this may ring true and other parts not so much (our rising sign and Venus sign can also play a part in how we present ourselves and our personal style, but that’s another topic for another day).

But, just like my sheets story, if you’re about to make a big design decision, or just head out shopping for some new things, maybe taking some astrological element wisdom can help you make the right decisions for you! 


You can leave a comment below, or check out Stephanie’s article on how to Feng Shui for free!

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