We can pursue wellness in every area of our daily lives. From our morning routines and exercise schedules to the way we approach food and organize our homes, wellness can be achieved at any time.

Because of the endless ways we think about wellness, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin in our pursuit of health! To help, we’ve put together a list of popular wellness books that were released in 2019, and have narrowed it down to 10 we think will be the most helpful!

Here are the top 10 best wellness books to buy in 2019:

1. Digital Minimalism

In his brand new book, Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport examines the lasting impact of personal technology on human beings while providing his audience with an effective, mindful approach to living more completely with less attachment to technology. His book is centered around the practice of minimalism, an idea that has gained increasing popularity in the last couple of years. Where general minimalism begins and ends at conversations about our personal attachments to our belongings, digital minimalism takes us to our most direct source of distraction: technology.

Newport believes that our obsession with the technology we use is negatively affecting our happiness and overall well-being. Digital Minimalism makes the cut for one of the best wellness books of the year because if we can achieve a level of detachment from our phones and the technology in our lives, then we can be more present to our self-care.

2. Girl, Stop Apologizing

How could we not put this book on our list? In her second book, Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis encourages women to leave behind the shame they carry in order to finally achieve the goals they’ve been dreaming about. She brings the same passion and honesty that she brought in her previous book, Girl, Wash Your Face, but this time around Hollis is dropping even more truth bombs than before.

What separates this book from other self-help books is Hollis’ ability to talk about success as a holistic journey. As women, we are taught to fit into certain roles that society chooses for us and when we don’t, we are encouraged to feel shame about who we are. Hollis sees this as a direct danger to our success and well-being, and she calls us out to embrace our true passions. Girl, Stop Apologizing will help you abolish the shame you’ve been taught and help you to embrace your true potential for success and wellness.

3. Outer Order, Inner Calm

Organizing your space in order to better your mental health is now a mainstream concept because of people like Marie Kondo (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo) and Meik Wiking (Danish author behind The Little Book of Hygge). We are seeing the direct effect our personal messes and crowded spaces have on our well-being, and as a society we are gravitating toward reversing these effects. Gretchen Rubin, author of wellness book The Happiness Project, uses her new book to dive deeper into the benefits of ordered spaces. Outer Order, Inner Calm looks at the connections between our mental health and our surroundings and provides us with practical ways of creating environments that bring us inner peace.

4. The Path Made Clear

It’s no surprise that Oprah Winfrey would write yet another encouraging and compassionate book. The Path Made Clear, Oprah’s newest book, inspires its readers to pursue their passions and follow their journeys toward wellness and peaceful contentment. Oprah’s book focuses on self-discovery and finding your life’s calling. She believes the key to feeling inner peace and contentment is figuring out how to journey through life on your own personal path.

The Path Made Clear combines Oprah’s own personal stories and the accounts of multiple well-known personalities such as Ellen Degeneres and Brene Brown. Oprah uses these stories as lessons in her book to encourage her readers to follow their own journeys and pursue their goals. The Path Made Clear easily made our list not only because of Oprah’s natural ability to encourage people through her writing, but because her book pushes us toward true happiness and wellness.

5. Stress Less, Accomplish More

Meditation has become far more mainstream than ever before, and some people consider it a necessary component of wellness. In her book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, Emily Fletcher discusses meditation as a tool for success. Even though it is often seen as merely an exercise for calming anxiety or worry. Meditation is actually used for far more things than we sometimes realize.

When we are pursuing wellness in our personal and professional lives, we can use meditation as a way to gain focus on what is important. Fletcher believes that there are far too many distractions in and around us that keep us from pursuing our goals and that meditation can restructure our thought processes and intentions.

6. Energy Medicine

If you’ve ever been interested in eastern medicine and wellness, Energy Medicine is a perfect introduction. Dr. Jill Blakeway is a scholar of Chinese medicine, and her book is about the widespread use of energy medicine in the world of health and wellness.

She uses her own knowledge and experiences, along with research from different areas across the globe, to explain the power behind eastern medicine and energy practices. Blakeway includes what she’s learned from countless doctors, healers, and scholars to inform her readers about energy medicine and how they can apply it to their lives. Whether you’re completely new to Chinese medicine or not, Energy Medicine will be a helpful addition to your wellness library.

7. Daily Greatness Wellness Yearly Journal

This book is different than any other book on this list because it is actually a structured journal. The Wellness Yearly Journal is a tool for people to use in order to pursue their healthiest, fullest lives. This journal really feels like it has everything with components like guided journal entries, planners for meals and exercise, planners for goals, advice on building healthy habits, and so much more.

What is also amazing about this journal is that it helps you build upon your successes in reaching your wellness goals. Daily Greatness values slow and steady progress in pursuing health, and with the Wellness Yearly Journal, you can track and set new goals with each day, month, or quarter. There are also “90-day goals” and “90-day check-ins” that allow the reader to track progress in a more approachable way if weekly goal setting is too intimidating to begin with. The Daily Greatness Wellness Yearly Journal is the only guided journal on our list, and we think it is the best one we’ve seen in years.

8. Brave, Not Perfect

Reshma Saujani, New York Times bestselling author and popular speaker, believes that perfectionism is a hindrance to our success, happiness, and well-being. In her newest book, Brave, Not Perfect, Saujani looks at the reasons why playing it safe and avoiding risk is ruining our lives. She writes to encourage us that if we want to achieve our goals and follow our dreams, we have to be brave and fully embrace the idea of being perfect.

In her book, she discusses the ways we learned as children to fear failure, which taught us as we grew older that if we don’t try as often, we don’t have as many chances at failing. Saujani encourages her readers to be brave by taking risks in all areas of their lives, even with the acceptance that failure could be an option. Only then can we fight perfectionism.

9. You Are a Badass Every Day

New York Times bestselling author Jen Sincero first made a name for herself with her book, You Are a Badass. In her original book, she shares short and humorous stories from her life that encourage her readers to own their journeys and chase after their dreams with confidence. Sincero believes in the power of not caring what people think and not limiting yourself based on fear of failing or fear of not having the finances.

In her newest book, You Are a Badass Every Day, Sincero takes the same energy and themes from her first book and turns them into applicable lessons and practical exercises to use in order to find success. She helps readers think about what makes them feel truly happy and alive and then helps them come up with plans and strategies for living lives that reflect these things.

10. Eat to Beat Disease

William Li is a world renown physician and scientist who has devoted much of his practice to learning about the healing and preventative powers of food. In his book, Eat to Beat Disease, Li discusses hundreds of powerful foods and their benefits and provides readers with specific ways to use these foods as tools to better their health and well-being.

Li believes that food is far more powerful than we give it credit for, and if we know the proper ways to implement healthy foods into our daily diet, we can transform our health and wellness.

We hope that this list of books can help you with your wellness journey! Whether you are a beginner in the world of wellness or a seasoned health advocate, this list of the best Wellness Books of 2019 will hopefully give you the encouragement you need in your everyday life.

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