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Lately, I’ve been trying to pass some time at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine. I downloaded TikTok out of boredom and it has not let me down in the slightest. If you remember Vine, think of all of the funny content creators that were active on vine then mix in dancing, cool makeup looks, and the best DIY hair trends Brad Mondo could dream of!

With the increase of TikTok’s popularity, I’ve noticed a ton of hair trends that will soon be seen almost everywhere once this pandemic has ended. 

Two-Toned Hair/Split Hair

split tone hair trend

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After having blonde hair for almost a year, I had to hop on this hair trend as fast as I could. When you can’t decide on one particular color, why not go for two! This is probably my favorite trend out of all of them due to the fact that I myself am indecisive and can appreciate the many different color combinations that can be done with this!

I especially love this trend on curly girls because it really makes their curls just pop even more. The great thing about this trend is that literally anyone can do it no matter what their hair length or texture is! 

Bald Baddies

bald hair trends

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Shaving your head doesn’t have to be thought of as a 2007 Brittney Spears breakdown moment! I love nothing more than folks gaining some independence and not letting the weight of their hair hold them back! I feel like everyone should shave their head or have an undercut at least once in their life to experience the freedom and liberation that comes with it.

The other fun thing you can do is also color your little strands any color you please, and it will look super on trend and adorable. The only downside to this trend is that growing out your hair after shaving it off can be a cumbersome waiting game. The urge to reshave your head and keep it shaved is unreal. 

When Hairy Met Shaggy

shaggy hair trend



I love nothing more than a good shag cut! Throw in some natural curls and I’m fawning over this style! I have never seen as many shaggy curly babes as I have on TikTok. The cut accentuates the volume with curl patterns and frames the face really beautifully. Anyone can wear a shag, and I personally think they’re super fun to cut. 

Bleached out/Colored Bangs

@linapetrova and @melonsalon

I really love this trend because of the contrast between either lighter hair to darker hair or the splash of color around peoples faces. It has a tendency to brighten up the face and accentuate facial features on whoever does this trend. I mainly see this trend with women on TikTok, but I totally think anyone with longer hair can pull this look off! Men show us what you can do! 

Scene Kids Never Die

hair trends



Remember those super colorful emo kids from high school that were always listening to bands like the Used, Story of The Year, and Taking Back Sunday? The ones who would rawr xD at their boyfriends and friends in the hallways and who would cut their hair with the same razor blades they would use to shave their legs with? Yeah, that scene kid hair trend still exists.

This is a trend that I wish would die out, but it always seems to come back and make its way into my life. Even Atlanta Stylist Jacob Khan has released videos on how he cuts signature scene kid style hair from back in the day. For some reason, TikTok has made this haircut increasingly popular again and I have zero clue as to why. 

Tiger King, Who?

@tonyparis66 and @brinie


Mullets. So many Mullets. I honestly have a special place in my heart for the mullet and it warms my heart to see so many of them scrolling through my For You page! The great thing about mullets is they can be super versatile and can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

You have your typical unblended Joe Exotic mullets, your well blended 70’s inspired mullets, your Joe Dirt mullets, and your fashion mullets.  You can literally never go wrong with a mullet. This hair trend is also super unisex and anyone can pull them off! 

Once You Go Box Black, You’ll Never Go Back.. to Blonde

hair trends on tik tok



This is one trend I personally cannot support. Box black hair color is not only super damaging to the hair when you color your hair yourself, but you also risk the chance of your hair being super porous and not grabbing all of the hair color. This can give it a black-red hue. Not only is it damaging to use, but removing black box color is a nightmare and a half to do yourself.

If you decide to go see a professional stylist to get your hair back to blonde or a crazy vivid color, you’ll end up having to pay for a color correction. Most salons charge anywhere between $80 to $200 an hour depending on your hair length. And this is just to get you back to where you originally were. Unless you want to pay for a color correction, knowing that correction is costly, coloring your hair black is a huge commitment that may go very wrong. This trend can be done on anyone as well but shouldn’t if you’re not wanting to commit to something long term. 


With all of these many popular styles coming to light, please remember to consult with your stylist if you’re looking to switch up your signature look before potentially doing something impulsive that you may regret at a later date. While they may look cute and fun on others, many people have an adverse reaction to drastic changes when it comes to their hair. Be sure you’re willing to accept these changes before fully committing to a new look for you. 

If you’re a TikTok connoisseur, leave us a comment on what some of your favorite TikTok hair trends are and what you think you’ll see coming out of quarantine. 

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