Face masks are the new drip.

We’re halfway through the year and COVID-19 is showing no signs that it’s going away anytime soon. As the virus has spread in unprecedented proportions, WHO now recommends the practice of wearing a mask as a way of suppressing transmission. Wearing a mask, coupled with social distancing and regular hand washing and sanitation, can go a long way in protecting yourself and the people around you from contracting the virus.

While WHO considers medical-grade masks the standard, especially for people with higher risk of contracting the virus, they have also began advocating for the use of fabric masks in communities with widespread transmission. Several brands have began producing cloth face masks since, and today we’re sharing some of our favorite finds, from big brand names to the small handicraft shops.

Adidas Face Cover

Pack of 3, $16

If you love athletic wear, the Adidas cloth face mask will be right up your alley. Released in May, the Adidas Face Cover is one of the brand’s most rapidly produced products. The face mask is made with recycled materials and is reusable, washable, and comfortable. It currently comes in two colors (black, blue), two sizes (XS/S, M/L), and packs of three — enough for the weekly errand run.

Sanctuary Clothing

cloth face masks

Pack of 5, $28

Made with soft cotton muslin, these Sanctuary Clothing masks have been worn by celebrities like Ana de Armas and Alessandra Ambrosio. They’re designed with a nose wire and fabric content filter so you don’t have to worry about placing inserts. They come in five different styles for each pack. 

Sanctuary Clothing is matching each mask purchase with mask donations to organizations in need.

Casetify Cloth Mask

Buy 1 + Donate 1, $15

If you’re looking for a reusable cloth face mask with filters, the Casetify cloth mask comes with a provision for disposable filters. Unlike the Adidas mask, this cotton mask only comes in one size, but you can also pick from four colors (black, white, pink, blue). 

For every purchase of a Casetify Cloth Mask, the brand donates a medical-grade mask to health workers. 

Reformation Mask

One mask, $12 | Pack of 5, $28

Tired of seeing plain-colored masks? Not one to stick to one style of fashion most days? Opt for Reformation’s variety of recognizable prints that now come in mask form. These masks are made with polyester fabric and designed with the classic pleats to give you more freedom when adjusting to your size. 

Every purchase of a Reformation mask is matched with a donation for its partner communities like the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the Los Angeles Mission Shelters.

Caraa Universal Face Masks

cloth face mask

Pack of 5, $25

More classic peats, but make it five—and in (seven!) assorted color palettes, from cool marine tones and earthy shades to vibrant tints and pastel hues. Caraa’s Universal Face Masks are made with lightweight, breathable cotton, provisional filter pockets, and adjustable ear loops. 

The NYC-based sports bag company is matching donations to relief efforts with every mask purchase made.

Vida Cotton Masks

Pack of 4, $36

Fashion brand Vida offers reusable, comfortable face masks made with 100% cotton fabric and adjustable ear straps. The masks are also designed with a hidden metal nose piece to ensure a snug fit. They come with provisional pockets for filter inserts, which you can conveniently add to your cart before checkout. 

Available in eight colors.

Emilia George Sustainable Face Mask

cloth face mask

One piece, $10

Made with cupro, one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, the Emilia George cloth face mask is designed with a flexible nose bridge and adjustable strings. It comes in eight shades — and if you want more color choices, you can also add their alternative cotton masks to your cart.

Old Navy Variety Pack

Pack of 5, $12.50

From monochrome palettes to an assortment of plains and prints, Old Navy offers a variety pack of pleated cotton masks. Though designed without adjustable ear loops or filter pockets, these simple masks offer bare minimum protection in versatile styles and are great to keep in stock in your car or your bag for the times you may accidentally forget a mask.

If you need impromptu reinforcement, simply insert tissue or a PM2.5 filter and you’ll be good to go.

Smoko Face Mask

One piece, $12

For those who love colorful and adorable things, Smoko’s got you covered. Known for its love of all things cute, their face masks range from the uwu expression to boba and potato patterns. Their masks are made with soft, breathable mixed fabric, adjustable straps, and pockets for filter inserts.

Etsy Picks

The large community on Etsy offers a variety of cotton, non-medical grade masks handcrafted by creatives. These are some of our favorites.

One Busy Sloth

cloth face mask

One mask, $10.83

OneBusySloth offers cotton masks in seven pattern types, but the Postcard Beige has to be our favorite. It comes with adjustable ear loops, a nose wire, and filter pockets. 


Set of three, 27.80

Tutu designer Mila offers masks made with anti-dust cotton fabric in several cute patterns and adjustable ear loops.


cloth face masks

One piece, $9.49

Flowers, flowers, flowers — HipFruit has a collection of flowery patterns to put some spring back to your look. The masks are made with three layers of cotton fabric with a non-replaceable filter and are easily washable and usable. HipFruit donates $0.50 of every mask order to help fund anti-racist awareness campaigns.


cloth face masks


If you’re looking for something a little more mystical in design, this dragonfly mask may be your cup of tea. Made with dust-proof polyester cloth, it comes with a provisional filter pocket and adjustable ear loops. 

There isn’t much we could do against this virus, but going out only when necessary and wearing a mask when we do is a start — and there’s no rule against accessorizing it. 

Which masks caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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