No one is more relieved than I am now that TikTok is here to stay (hopefully). It’s a social platform that brings genuine positivity and happiness into my life, unlike other platforms where it’s hit or miss depending on the day I choose to tap on the app. Now, I find myself using Instagram way less than I used to and I’m never on Facebook anymore. 

During times when the world feels like a giant dumpster fire, the last thing we need to see is people living their carefully curated best lives online. It further separates communities of the “haves” from the “have nots.” And research has shown that it negatively impacts our mental health and wellbeing. But on TikTok, it seems like there’s a community for everyone, even if you weren’t part of it before. For instance, I never knew how much I would enjoy watching someone guess paint colors before seeing it on TikTok. The all-consuming pressure of posting the most beautiful sunset or ultra fun boozy brunch just isn’t there. There are variations of “good life” content, but it just hits differently on here.

I love everything that has to do with food, so naturally food content is what brings me the most joy. Food on TikTok is a whole different world than food on Instagram. On Instagram, people share their perfectly plated meals in a flat lay, with gorgeous lighting. I enjoy this sometimes. On TikTok, people infuse humor and quirkiness in the food experiences they share, from the types of recipes featured to the video editing. I enjoy this all the time.

We all can use a little more joy in our lives, and TikTok delivers with silly, approachable food content from a wide range of chefs. Best of all, it isn’t polished to the point where you’re looking down at the dinner in front of you in shame. Here are some of the foodie creators I love on TikTok.



Grey is the most polite baby you will ever meet. His mama posts videos of him being presented with delicious food, to which he promptly says “Thank you mama.” He even makes sure his thanks are received properly by repeating it until his mama replies with, “You’re welcome.” His adorable little voice, squishable face, and undeniable manners will make you fall in love immediately. I don’t have children yet, but when I do, my only wish is that they’re just like Grey.



Tabitha Brown is known on TikTok for her easy, yet creative, vegan recipes. I tend to prefer meat with my meals, but I found myself saving many of the dishes that I came across on Tabitha’s account. The pecan bolognese is one of my favorites and something I would have never thought to try. Take a peek in the comments and you’ll see thousands of fans showing love to her plant-based dishes. Even for those who don’t see themselves going vegan, Tabitha’s soothing voice while she cooks is enough to keep someone watching.



When they say everyone is on TikTok, they really mean everyone! @feiandgrandparents is an account helmed by someone who seems to be the grandchild of the stars, who are the grandparents. The TikToks are shot in a Chinese village, where the grandparents prepare traditional meals that they enjoy together at the end. Grandma shows us where she sources the ingredients and then teaches us how she whips up delicious food so effortlessly, and always with a smile or laugh. It’s so wholesome, I can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when I watch. Her eggplant dish is one that I’ve bookmarked.



Shereen is the domestic goddess I hope to be one day. She’s a sassy chef who makes cooking classic dishes look so achievable. Not only do I love her mouth-drooling recipes, I love her cheeky demeanor in her videos too. Since I love my carbs, her buttery smashed potatoes are at the top of my recipe list. 



Jenny Martinez invites us into her kitchen and along to her super market trips to share her process of cooking delicious Mexican food. My stomach grumbles whenever I see her TikToks, whether they’re Tacos Al Pastor or Watermelon Margaritas. She frequently has guest stars in her videos, where family members join her to teach us how home-made Mexican food is done. One of my favorite guest appearances is her mom showing us how to make quesadillas.

TBN, delivered.

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