“We can use Scorpio energy to metaphorically clear out the cobwebs of our psyche, analyze what we want to do differently, slow down, and be present with the people we love while being unafraid to go deep.”

This weekend over Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th, there’s a Super New Moon in Scorpio. A super moon means that the moon is slightly closer to earth and sometimes the energy can feel a little more intense. This article is going to detail what you can expect this Scorpionic energy to bring and how to feel a bit better prepared! 

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and in mythology, Pluto is the God of the underworld. Because of this, Scorpio is associated with the darker side of human nature, our deep thoughts, even our secrets and obsessions. It can be said that Scorpio rules things we don’t talk about at holiday dinners with the family like sex, money, and death! The truth that Scorpio teaches us is that the “darker” side of life always exists whether we choose to talk about it or not. All humans have obscure subconscious thoughts and secrets, and we’re all well aware that death is inevitable.

If this is already starting to make you feel anxious, fear not! Sometimes shining a light on things we think of as dark can actually take away some of the power they hold over us. Scorpios have a reputation for being intense and intimidating, but often they’re just willing to acknowledge things other people shy away from.

In that sense it can be freeing because Scorpios know how to keep it real! Their ability to see things clearly and go deep helps them achieve what they set out to do. If you know a Scorpio or happen to be one yourself, you’re well aware that Scorpio energy can act as a strong driving force to accomplish goals and fulfill a life purpose. In fact, Joe Biden is a Scorpio!

This weekend you may feel tempted to look deeper into things you usually avoid or even analyze some of your darker thoughts, and fighting it may prove futile. We all have things we carry around that feel heavy, and the energy of this new moon will help us release a bit by facing them head on. Everyone processes hard emotions differently, but you can prepare by having a plan in place. Maybe you like journaling, going for a long walk, spending time with friends, disconnecting from your phone for the day, or taking a bath. The possibilities are endless. 

If you’re thinking you’d rather pass on processing anything too deep this weekend and plan to power through by blasting some festive tunes and decorating for the holidays (or is that just me??), perhaps think again. Around this time of year it can start to feel like there’s no use doing too much work or beginning new projects and it can be all too easy to let the holiday season become all-consuming. I’ve already started to catch myself thinking “I’ll just put that off until January.”

And while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays or being excited for a fresh new year, the truth is that nothing ever truly gets put on hold. The time is always now and the energy of this weekend’s new moon reminds us that winter is a time to slow down, turn inward, and prepare for the coming year. The beauty in this is that instead of staring to feel holiday stress or get caught up in the hustle and bustle, we can look at these last few months of the year as a somewhat sacred time. We can use the energy from the super new moon in Scorpio to metaphorically clear out the cobwebs of our psyche, analyze what we want to do differently, slow down, and be present with the people we love while being unafraid to go deep. 

One of the symbols for Scorpio is the Phoenix, which represents resurrection and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Since Joe Biden has been declared the next President elect of the United States, I’ve seen people posting that “the work” is just beginning. One of the lessons Scorpio teaches is that the work is always just beginning!

Think of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life so far. Have you ever reached a point where you thought “that’s it, I’ve accomplished everything I came into this life to do!” Well. probably not. The truth is that once we reach one goal, no matter how long we’ve dreamt about reaching it, our minds are already on to the next thing. Doing “the work” is a lifelong journey and being able to acknowledge that is one of the truths Scorpio energy can help us accept.

Esther Hicks when she’s channeling Abraham often says “You’ll never get it done and you’ll never get it right.” Upon first hearing that it can sound somewhat depressing, but if we’re willing to go a little deeper, it can actually feel freeing. We’ll never reach a point where we feel like we’ve arrived and can call it a day (according to Esther we may only get that feeling once we’re dead). Part of being human is acknowledging the darker side to life and letting it inspire us to move forward. 

This weekend during the super new moon in Scorpio, I encourage you to allow whatever feelings that come up to come up. Embrace Scorpio’s underworld association and go deeper into your own mind. Instead of being afraid of what you may find, use it to release a little heaviness or darkness and see how much lighter you feel! There’s also no rule that says you have to do it alone! If you have a few close friends that you feel comfortable opening up to, maybe plan to spend some time sharing your deepest darkest thoughts (sounds like a party!). Make sure they’re good friends who won’t judge you and you might be surprised to find that your friends aren’t all that shocked, which might feel really freeing. 

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