Before the pandemic, I knew very little about skincare and did the bare minimum to maintain my skin health. And when I mean the bare minimum, I mean after a shower I washed my face and used some moisturizer. To be honest, I didn’t have very much interest in doing a lot to my skin because I thought I did everything I needed to in the shower. But boy, was I wrong!

During this pandemic, I decided to start taking better care of my body and face, which has brought me a lot of joy. One of the biggest factors in changing my interest toward skincare was all of the black estheticians and skincare enthusiasts that I found on Instagram. All of these ladies have improved my skin and body for the better. I am more confident in my skin and have found that I’m not wearing makeup as much. 

I am so proud how far my skin has come in the past few months, and I owe it all to these black estheticians. Here are some of the important skin care tips I learned from them.


Tiara Willis (@MakeUpForWomenofColor)


Skincare Tip: You can still take care of your skin on a budget

What really got me into skincare was following Tiara Willis over the last year. Back in August, my acne started getting worse, most likely due to the stress of the pandemic, so I knew it was time to change up my routine.

Tiara was doing a thread on The Ordinary and what products to use for different struggles with your skin. Then, I started looking through her page and saw that she recommended drug-store facial cleansers for beginners getting into skin, especially those who are on a budget. That’s when I was introduced to Cerave’s Foaming Facial Cleanser, Renewing SA Cleanser, and Healing Ointment.

I am so glad I listened to her because I noticed the little acne bumps on my forehead started going away. The healing ointment locks in the moisturizer and products your skin throughout the night.  She also recommended using sunscreen because it can help your dark spots fade away. Tiara says that when you wear sunscreen, reapply it every two hours. Her recommendations have helped my skin look healthier, and to be honest, my skin has been glowing lately. If you are able to go for more expensive facial cleansers, moisturizer, etc., Tiara also has posts about higher end products as well to make sure you are using the right products to tackle the problems you may face with your skin. 



Nayamka Roberts- Smith (@LaBeautyologist)

Skincare Tip: Try multivitamin cleansers for extra-dry or eczema-prone skin

My eczema has always been bad during the summer months, especially because I live in Texas. The weather in Texas loves to randomly change… one minute it is hot and the next it is cold. My eczema would flare up so much on my arms, necks, and sometimes around my eyes, but I’ve recently gotten a lot of help from Nayamka Roberts- Smith.

Roberts-Smith likes to promote products that she recommends for others to try, with one of her favorites being Nécessaire Body Wash. This body wash, which I now love, is a daily multivitamin cleanser for your skin health. She also made a video talking about the ingredients and the right products to use from Nécessaire. My skin has become smoother, healthier, and doesn’t feel stripped afterwards which is amazing. I have noticed the texture of my skin has improved, especially around my dark spots. I absolutely recommend this product if you have eczema around your arms and neck. Even though Nayamka’s tips are free on Twitter and Instagram, I would definitely recommend getting a consultation from her as well. 



Chanel Tyler (BuyMeChanel)

black estheticians skincare


Skincare Tip: The towel you use to wipe your face is more important than you may think

I’ve always used a hand towel to wash my face every morning and every night, until I came across Chanel Tyler on Instagram about three months ago. I was flipping through some influencers I follow and her name popped up on my feed. I started scrolling through her page and saw that she talked about towels from a brand called Clean Skin Club.

I knew I wanted to give these towels a try. The clean towels come in travel size and extra- large. I decided to try the travel size for the first time and I have never gone back to using a normal towel ever since. The clean towels remove the dirt that you may think you get off in the shower or by washing your face. They make my skin feel soft and have been helping a lot with my acne. It’s also extra absorbent and perfect for removing makeup. You can get a 25-count of the clean towels for only $10, and 50 of the XL-single towels for $15. Chanel Tyler has changed my skin for the better and I’m grateful that I follow her.



Lily Njoroge (@CaveofBeauty)


Skincare Tip: Make sure you do your research on which products to use for inflammatory conditions

Lily Njorge is a licensed esthetician who just opened her own Black-owned spa in Brooklyn, New York called Skin Wins. I just started following her last month because of Nayamka Roberts-Smith, but Njorge gives great advice on products to use that treat inflammatory conditions. If you want to learn a little more about inflammatory conditions, then she is someone I recommend to follow.

Her website Cave of Beauty is packed full of information with amazing articles and tips concerning skin care and makeup. I am eager to learn more from her during the winter season because that is when my skin becomes super dry. She also updates when Sephora or Ulta Beauty have sales on certain skincare products and what products she recommends. 



Ashley White(@SkinClassHero)

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Skincare Tip: There are multiple ways to work with Eczema, you just need to find what works for you personally!

Like Lily, Ashley is someone I have been following over the last month on Twitter and tweets have helped me as well. Ashley can go more into details of what’s in the products and treatments to use. She deals a lot with Eczema, so I love reading her tweets on what products have worked for her because Eczema has been my biggest skin problem since I was little. She gives a small description of what type of skin concerns you have. You can go to her for a consultation and express the concerns you have for your skin, or you can just use her online resources as well. 

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