Have you ever found yourself perusing Instagram only to come across a fitness guru who is lean, muscular, and totally seems to have the body type you want? Or the body type you think you should have? After further investigation (also known as millennial creeping), you find out that they follow a certain restrictive diet or way of eating. You begin to immediately pine after this specific diet. You scheme how quickly you can get to the grocery store before your next meal and if you can really make this happen. Can you relate?

Before you begin to do this, realize what you are doing, and then pause.

You might be unintentionally embarking on a long journey of ignoring your body’s needs to eat in a way that doesn’t tend to your needs, to achieve a body that isn’t even yours. This is called self-sacrificing or self-abandonment.

Why do we all do this? This is because we haven’t yet given the microphone to the voice within, honoring the body that we inhabit. We may not yet be familiar with how to eat according to our individual differences, honoring our metabolic typing, but it is incredibly important to learn to listen to your body’s needs in order to lean into whole body health. You may be tired from the time and effort you’ve spent as you try finding the right diet for your life. But ultimately, the right diet is the one that works for you. 

You Are Unique in The Things You Need

You are very unique in the way that you digest and process the food you eat. Your heritage and ancestry play a role in this as well as your environment. Your stress levels and stomach microbiome can fluctuate based on your lifestyle, and these both play a significant role in how you digest your nutrients.

The most holistic way to whole body health is getting to know just that; your whole body. Get to know your skin, your body’s feedback signals, and what gives you more energy. Consider taking notes of what you eat and how you felt after eating them both mentally and physically.

You Are Unique in The Way You Look

Firstly, give gratitude to your body. It has carried you to exactly where you are! It has supported your movement and carried your being. Your body is incredibly individualized and your shape and structure are to be honored. Your muscle mass and ability to strengthen your body in certain areas more than others can depend on your body type.

Whether you are ectomorphic, endomorphic, and mesomorphic, your unique physical appearance and capabilities are your very own, so make sure you own them! 

You Are More Unique Than One Specific Diet

If a certain way of eating is right for you, then honor that way of eating. Be open to the changes that you go through throughout your life, and be willing to ebb and flow with your needs. Dogmatism with diet starts when we begin to tell ourselves that a certain way of restrictive or specific eating is right for us now, right for us always, and should be right for everyone. There is no one size fits all. If there were, every geographical region and culture would have equal access and quantities of fauna and flora.

Your Uniqueness Requires Quality

We get so caught up in the diet culture and finding the right diet, that quality often falls by the wayside. We opt for highly processed and packaged foods or conventional produce because they fit in our specific box of eating. Organic and live food (food that is not shelf stable or packaged; mostly meat and produce) will be more nutrient dense and give your body what it needs instead of filling it with empty calories.

It is so easy to get swept up in the efficient and restrictive diet culture. However, true and whole body health takes time, patience, and often requires a lot of emotional change. We need support, education, and the patience to make healthy and whole choices. The healthier we get, the more sensitive we are to processed food and the more connected we feel to our bodies.

Diet culture often forgets to honor our bodies and promote self love. When we can love ourselves where we are, it is then that we can lean into our individualized health. It is then that we make choices based on our specific genetic makeup. If you do embark on a specific diet, do so while acknowledging your biomechanical differences, physiological differences, and total uniqueness. “You can’t fill your car with diesel when it was designed for gasoline and expect it to run at peak performance. If you wish to avoid living through the expression of your potential genetic flaws, you must do your very best to determine which fuel sources meet your genetic requirements so that you can accentuate your genetic strengths instead.” –Paul Chek


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