The last new moon and solar eclipse of 2020 falls on Monday, December 14th in the sign of Sagittarius! New moons mark a time for new beginnings and intention setting, and they can feel like an enormous breath of fresh air. Solar eclipses add extra energy to the event, and Sagittarius is a fun-loving fire sign, so you can expect to really feel this new moon!

This article will go into more detail about what to expect with this new moon, how to work with Sagittarius energy, and a short ritual you can use to set intentions and begin the process of closing out this wild year. 



Monday will feel like a fresh start 

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m already starting to get excited about the prospect of a brand new year. After this year’s ups and downs and many unknowns, I know a lot of people are trying to just focus on the present moment (which is a great practice). I tend to fall in the camp that loves to set new year intentions, endlessly peruses which new planner to purchase, and craves the feeling of a fresh start.

The new moon on Monday reminds us that even in a year that looks as different as 2020, the moon cycles remain constant. We have this new moon in Sagittarius and then on Tuesday, December 29th, the final full moon of the year (and this decade) in the sign of Cancer. New moons are a time to think big and set intentions we want to see grow, like planting a seed, and full moons are when we release and close things out. 



Sagittarius energy helps us adapt, play, and make room for adventure

Sagittarius energy thrives on adventure and new experiences. Because of this, the energy of this new moon will most likely feel fun, playful, and expansive. If that sounds hard to believe after 2020, remember that Sagittarius is one of the four mutable signs (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) and they’re adaptable, flexible, and handle transitions well.

This year taught us that we have to be prepared for the unexpected and sometimes we have to find ways to create adventure right in our own backyard. While Saggitaurus is known for being the traveler of the zodiac, they’re also amazing conversationalists and full of big ideas. It can be easy to think that we can’t have any adventures when travel isn’t an option, but sometimes we just need to open our minds and think outside the box (one of Sagittarius’s specialties).

Being adaptable may look like Zoom get-togethers this year, or a smaller group around the dinner table, but that doesn’t mean it’s filled with any less warmth or love. One of the things I’ve found inspiring this year is all of the ways people have gotten creative to spend time together and show their loved ones they care. The image that pops into my mind is the person in a life-size giant plastic bubble visiting their grandparents and touching hands in a Covid-safe way. Seeing their huge smiles brings me joy and I feel like the person in the bubble is a great example of Sag energy: adapting, creating, finding ways to innovate, and making things fun. 



This New Moon is part of a larger eclipse series that began 6 months ago

This eclipse is part of a larger eclipse series and is related to the full moon lunar eclipse we had in the same sign of Sagittarius back in June of this year. It might be helpful to think back to 6 months ago in June and try to remember what was going on in your life around that time. If there is anything you remember releasing, letting go of, or changing, you might find that made room in your life for something new.

If you’re like me and can barely remember June even if you try, know that most likely you’ve been releasing, embracing change, and making room without even being aware of it. The new moon on Monday is a reminder that a new year will come, we won’t be in quarantine forever, and even if it feels like your dream or goal is far away, it’s ok to plant the seed and believe it will grow. 



A simple ritual to invite change, growth, and expansion 

Although playful and fun, Sagittarius energy can sometimes feel uncomfortable because it encourages us to push boundaries, take risks, and embrace challenges. All of us handle discomfort differently and everyone’s experiences this year have been unique. Maybe you feel like you’re on autopilot rushing through the end of the year to get 2020 over with. Or maybe you’re stuck in the past, hyper-focused on all the ways you wish this year had been different.

One of the best ways to work with the energy of this new moon will be to embrace Sagittarian open-mindedness. This ritual will help encourage forward movement and growth. Because Sagittarius is a fire sign, this ritual will include a little fire. The items you’ll need are fairly simple: 

-Piece of paper or a notebook

-Pen or something to write with


-Matches or a lighter 

To begin, you’ll want to spend a few minutes in stillness and quiet. When you feel ready, you’re going to make a list of all the new things you want to welcome into your life. This isn’t an exact science, if you want to limit it to just a few things you want to welcome next year that’s fine, or if you want to include any and all things you want to do in this lifetime, that’s fine too! Again, Sagittarius energy encourages us to step outside our comfort zones, so I encourage you to use this list as a way to practice that.

If you usually like to think in a linear fashion, then maybe this is the time to forgo a list with 1 year/5 year/10-year thinking and just write a list completely out of order and nonsensical. Or, if you usually like to just throw things out there and feel more comfortable without a system, then maybe spend some time actually thinking about what new things may be possible next year and what steps you’ll need to take to make them happen. Again there’s no right or wrong way to do it. (This ritual will tie into another ritual that can be done around the last day of the year on the full moon so you’ll want to keep the piece of paper or remember which notebook you made your list in).

Make sure your list is full of things you feel good about. Don’t make a list of things that just sound good on paper or will impress your family or bolster your resume, you want this list to be full of things that feel really good. You’re going to light your candle and read over your list imagining that as you read the lines you’re planting seeds of intention. Sometimes a practice like this can feel uncomfortable simply because deep down we don’t believe these new things will actually happen. Sagittarius reminds us that anything is possible, it might just look a little different than we had planned, or may come at an unexpected time! 

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