Today, July 5th, we have a full moon and lunar eclipse. It’s the end of a three-part eclipse cluster that began last month. There was a full moon lunar eclipse on June 5th, a solar new moon eclipse on June 21st, and this lunar eclipse in Capricorn will close it out. It’s also the final lunar eclipse of a series that began back in 2018!

There is a lot of detailed science about what an eclipse is, but a lunar eclipse is essentially when the moon is hidden by earth’s shadow. In astrology, eclipses mean change and growth. This article will give you a little insight into the sign of Capricorn and what this eclipse may bring.

The Stable Capricorn vs the Sensitive Cancer

Capricorn is an earth sign and associated with stability, hard work, authority figures, and the father. Its opposite sign is Cancer, a water sign associated with sensitivity, emotions, nurturing, and motherly qualities.

The solar eclipse on June 21st was in Cancer, and the lunar eclipse that started this series back in 2018 was in Cancer. Astrologers say eclipses fall in families of opposite signs. This two-year-long eclipse series has been changing and shaking up the way we relate to Capricorn and Cancer qualities and their polarities: 

Capricorn                               Cancer

Work-Life                               Home-Life

Masculine Energy                 Feminine Energy

Logic                                      Intuition

Authority                                Unity

Power                                     Vulnerability

The lunar eclipse brings shift and change

It kind of feels like 2020 and recent events have been the culmination of a lot of these dynamics! Between a global pandemic, to everyone staying at home more, to the BLM movement. This year has reminded us of the same lesson an eclipse brings: The only thing constant is change.

Eclipses are associated with sudden change and shift to certain dynamics in our lives. Even though it may seem surprising and sudden to us, they’re said to bring karmic change that was going to happen one way or the other. It’s possible that something has been culminating for the past two years for you, or this weekend might bring something out of the blue. But know that it’s all part of your karmic journey and ultimately for your highest good.

A lunar eclipse is also said to be more personal than a solar eclipse because the moon is associated with our inner and more private world. The lunar eclipses bring change and sometimes endings, which makes way for new beginnings!

If all of this is sounding a little ominous, try not to worry too much. It doesn’t have to mean something bad is headed your way. Change can seem scary, but often that’s just because it’s different and unknown. It’s good to remember that eclipses take place in series, so even though it may feel like sudden change and growth, it’s actually all part of a process that’s been unfolding. 

A deeper understanding of the Capricorn and Cancer energies

There’s no real way to prepare for change but, by looking at the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, it can give us an idea of what may come up. We can’t really know exactly how an eclipse will affect us unless we look at where it falls in our birth chart. This could be something a professional astrologer could definitely help you with. For this article we can take a deeper look at Capricorn and Cancer energy. 

Both Capricorn and Cancer crave security and are dedicated to creating a solid foundation and a sense of home. Capricorn energy is interested in building something, and is tied to our professional success. They’re known for being hardworking, which can be attributed to them wanting to provide.

Cancer energy is associated with the comforts of home, creating an oasis, and ensuring their home is a safe place. Although these signs can seem so different, they’re actually working towards similar goals. Even the sign for Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, is two seemingly opposite things. A mythological creature that’s half goat and half fish. 

The Capricorn lunar eclipse could be asking us to get grounded

With the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, this weekend is a great time to look at our own inner worlds and foundations and see if there is something we’ve been fighting that we could actually merge. Maybe that sounds impossible, but look at all the innovative ways people have made things work during the pandemic.

A lot of people have had to merge their home and work life, and this eclipse may bring up something related to your home, job, people you live with, or other things tied to security and stability. If you really can’t find a way to merge something that’s not quite working, it might be because it’s meant to go away and transform into something new.

Since lunar eclipses are tied to endings, we’re probably all going to say goodbye to something, big or small. Again, this can sound ominous, but it doesn’t have to.  It doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship or a job (unless you want it to.  It could be the end of a cycle or pattern in your life that’s no longer serving you. 

An eclipse isn’t the time to launch something new. Instead, it’s a good time to get grounded and make sure your foundation is solid. This is so you’re set up for success when you do make moves and take action.

Eclipses are here to protect us

Change can be scary but also exciting! So remember, if anything unexpected comes up over the weekend or following days, it’s ultimately for your highest good. You can trust that it’s true.

Full moons are always a good time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. And eclipses are kind of like a supercharged full moon! July 5th might be a good day to schedule some rest and self-care if you’re able. Full moon energy is also felt a few days before and after. If you can’t take time Sunday to acknowledge the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, you can schedule it for another day.

After the 5th, there won’t be any going back or revisiting, we’ll be entering a new phase whether we’re ready or not. One of the best resources for all things astrology, Susan Miller, discusses eclipses a lot. She says that, “Eclipses are always your friends, for they are there to help protect you. Always be grateful for truth.”

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