’Tis the season to be jolly! 

With the anxieties of election results over, it’s time to redirect our energies towards the upcoming festivities this December. Today we’re listing our top 12 self-care gift ideas to buy, wrap, and send to your dearest friends and family members for the 2020 holidays. OR, maybe these are the gifts you deserve to buy for yourself this season…



Sheet Masks

Essentially face-shaped cotton sheets drenched in serums, sheet masks make fantastic affordable self-care gifts. Because sheet masks are single-use, one can try serums and decide if their skin loves it before committing to them, or they can simply enjoy the 15-minute skin treat! Buy a pack and distribute to your customized gift boxes, or send a whole pack to a skincare-loving friend.


TBN Recommendations

Farmacy Coconut Gel Mask ($16, 4 Pack)

Mediheal Sheet Mask Heroes ($12, 6 Pack)



Reusable Cotton Pads

If you’ve got a friend who swears by a toner, consider gifting reusable cotton pads as a waste-reducing alternative to normal cotton pads. It’s easy to clean reusable cotton pads too, as they can just simply toss it in the laundry. 


TBN Recommendations

Glow Recipe 7-Pack Reusable Cotton Pads ($12)

Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads 20-Pack ($13)

PINOWU Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads ($9)

Bambaw Bamboo Cotton Rounds 22-Pack ($14)



Facial Spa Headband

Nobody really needs a spa headband, but they are incredibly useful and hard to let go of when you’ve started using them. For the friend who always loses their hair tie, get them a facial spa headband instead to help pull their hair back as they do their evening self-care routine. 


TBN Recommendations

Lades Facial Spa Headband ($8)

Tbestmax Facial Spa Headband ($8)

Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band ($5)

Glow Recipe Papaya Spa Headband ($8)


Microfiber Hair Towel 

When your hair is wet, the cuticles swell and become vulnerable to damage. For the friend who deals with regular frizziness, breakage, and other hair damage issues, a hair towel especially designed to help dry one’s hair in the swiftest and gentlest way possible makes for a great gift this holiday season!


TBN Recommendations

AQUIS Original Hair Towel ($21)

myHomeBody Hair Towel Wrap ($10)

Luxeris Microfiber Hair Towel ($15)



Hair Styling Creams

For the friend who loves using their heated styling tools, hair styling creams to keep their pretty crowns healthy is a must. Help them save a bit on the vanity expenses and consider gifting them one or two hair styling creams—there’s plenty of good ones under $15!


TBN Recommendations

Odele Beauty Air Dry Styler ($12)

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream ($14)

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day ($13)



Nail Polish

What better way to spend the holidays at home with a couple of nail polish bottles to help bring life to some great nail art ideas? Help a friend kickstart a much-needed self-care session with some colorful nail lacquers.


TBN Recommendations

Essie Glow the Distance ($10)

JinSoon Birdie ($18)

Sally Hansen Vegan Be-gone-ia ($7)



Scented Candles

Never underestimate the power of a good scented candle in improving the atmosphere of a room and alleviating one’s stresses. Scented candles can make a room feel luxurious, but their prices can be quite affordable and you don’t need to worry about them not having the electronic equipment to make use of them. If you’ve got relatives or a friend you’d like to help relax, put this in their gift box.


TBN Recommendations

Yankee Candles Warm and Cozy ($11)

Chesapeake Bay Peace + Tranquility ($11)

Sweet Water Decor Bamboo Coconut ($20)




Instead of packing chocolate in your self-care gift boxes, why not consider packing something healthier like tea instead? A cup of tea is unmatched when you’re winding down, calming to sip as you’re waiting for your sheet mask to finish absorbing. 


TBN Recommendations

In Pursuit of Tea Cacao Chai ($13)

Red Blossom Tea Company Light Roast Formosa Oolong Tea Bags ($15)

Song Tea Purple Rose ($18)

Rishi Lemon Turmeric Herbal Sachets ($20)



Microwaveable Heating Packs

Heat therapy can relieve numerous ailments like muscle cramps, back pain, migraines. One of the safest, easiest ways to deliver this is through microwaveable heating packs. If you’ve got a friend who’s always working it out in the gym or a friend with chronic muscle pain, a reusable heat pack would make for a great item to include in your self-care gift box.


TBN Recommendations

Sloth Warmies Plush Wrap ($20)

Huggaroo Microwavable Neck Wrap ($36)

SunBeeStore Multipurpose Heat Packs ($8)



Adult Coloring Books

A great piece for mental health wellness and a touch of nostalgia, adult coloring books were found by numerous studies to help alleviate anxiety and depression. Plenty of users have described that the simple activity of coloring is calming and therapeutic. At affordable prices, these books make great additions to your self-care gift set.


TBN Recommendations

Brighten Up! By Bando ($15)

Merry Christmas Coloring Book for Adults ($7)

Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults ($8)

2021 Coloring Wall Calendar ($14)



Fluffy House Slippers

With the pandemic situation still ongoing, we don’t know when we’ll be out of the house more often again. Until then, sneakers and heels and other outdoor shoes will have to wait. This is fine until winter hits and you’re walking around your cold tile floors with bare feet. Send your friends’ feet some love by gifting them with a pair of soft, fluffy house slippers. 


TBN Recommendations

Caramella Bubble Bunny Slippers ($25)

Ofoot Men’s Indoor Slippers ($23)

Donpapa Women’s Slippers with Memory Foam ($25)



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