On Thursday, the first full moon of October (the second lands on Halloween!) falls in the fire sign of Aries. In this article I’ll detail what kind of energy this full moon will bring and offer a simple ritual to prepare and enjoy it!


What Aries Represents

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for being fearless, confident, and independent. Being the first sign gives them a playful and free-spirited nature. This sign also represents the self. They can be stereotyped as self-centered or selfish, but the empowered energy of this sign shows us how to take a stand for ourselves, claim the things we’re proud of, and go after the things we know we deserve. As the sign of self they stand for “me” and “I am” statements. They’re known for being great leaders and often are capable of helping others see their own strengths. 


What Does This Mean for Me?

It’s vital to our own well being and mental health to be confident in who we are and not abandon parts of ourselves. Showing up as our most empowered selves is not only important for our own well being, but others too. This doesn’t have anything to do with being selfish or egotistical, but rather caring about ourselves in the same way we care for others.

It’s good to be proud and celebrate ourselves in the same way we celebrate and encourage the people we love. By loving ourselves and showing ourselves kindness, we’re actually more able to love others and people feel better around us. If you’ve ever been hard on yourself or seen someone you love tearing themselves down, you know how disempowering it can feel.


What’s Happening with the Full Moon?

This Aries full moon is focused on the most empowered version of self and may highlight areas we’re not confident in or hide. The moon cycles are always teaching us lessons and guiding us, and with Aries being the warrior of the zodiac, it might feel like more than a gentle push. This is bold energy so don’t be surprised if over the weekend you are forced to examine areas where you abandon yourself or can’t proudly claim “this is who I am!”  

This is about being confident in our truest nature and the highest version of self. We’ve probably all experienced someone with toxic traits or rude habits that confidently says “this is me, take it or leave it!” Maybe at times we’ve been that person, but that’s not what this energy is about. We all have areas we can grow in, and often toxic traits or habits are just reactions from impulse and not our true nature. This practice of loving and showing up for ourselves is true to the core of who we are and encourages others to be true to themselves. Practicing it will actually help with those reactions that make us act in ways that are so unlike who we really are!


Let’s Do This Aries Moon Ritual!

As touched on in this article, a ritual is really just something we do with focused intention. I’m sorry if you were hoping for something a bit more magical, but it’s going to be quite simple: you’re going to make a list. I know you make grocery lists and to-do lists and this might be sounding less like a ritual and more like a daily task, but often the best magic is simple.

It’s going to feel a little (or a lot) cheesy, but you’re going to make a list of things you like about yourself. The more detailed the better! We’re used to giving others compliments and we know it makes people happy to hear nice things about themselves, but we don’t often practice doing this for ourselves. You can write this list on anything, but if you have some kind of pretty paper or a notebook you like, that would be nice. Again, you want to imagine that you’re giving this list to someone you love.

Another way to add intention and a touch of magic is to create ambience. Whether you choose to do this in the morning or evening, you could light a candle, incense, drink coffee, tea, wine, play music you love. We don’t always give ourselves the same care we give others so if it feels silly to make a to-do over yourself, it’s ok. This moon is here to teach us that it’s not silly and that we matter just as much as anyone else in our lives. 

After you have your list there’s one last step. It’s going to get even more cheesy, but this isn’t for the faint of heart! You’re going to take your list and find a mirror (preferably in the bathroom where you can lock the door because you probably don’t want roommates or family walking in on you). It’s really very simple: you’re going to sit or stand fairly close to the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and read your list to yourself. As I’m writing this I realize it’s going to be hard to look yourself in the eye and read, so you’ll probably have to do what people do when they read wedding vows and look down real quick, memorize it, and then look in the mirror and say it. Well, I’m basically telling you to read wedding vows to yourself. You might be tempted to skip the mirror work, and honestly just making the list is a great practice and effective way to harness the moon energy. But if you can, I encourage you to brave the mirror. The practice of looking ourselves in the eye and saying kind words about the ways we appreciate and love ourselves can be really powerful.

Often people get together to celebrate the full moon and this could be a fun practice to do with friends. Whether you can meet in person or have a zoom date, you could set the ambience and work on writing your lists together. Then if you’re struggling, you could cheat a bit and ask a friend to tell you something they love about you! You don’t have to share your list or do the mirror work in front of each other, but community during these times can be especially soothing for our mental health.


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