In the past four years, Dyson has launched three different hair care tools; the Supersonic hair dryer, the Air Wrap hair dryer and styling tool in one, and most recently the Corrale Straightener. Dyson prides itself on being one of the most technologically advanced brands in the current beauty market, as well as being one of the first companies to really keep the integrity of the consumer’s hair safe.

I have been a Dyson fan since day one when they first launched the Supersonic back in 2016. As a hairstylist, I saw the want and need behind having such a high tech device for both personal and business uses. When the Air Wrap was launched, it changed the game completely by being able to dry your hair while styling it. The Air Wrap Complete set, having 8 different styling attachments (which included a pre-styling blow dryer), it really showed the value that Dyson was putting into their hair care products.  After reading about the Dyson Corrale, I’m at a loss for how unimaginative this device is.

The Pros of the Dyson Corrale:

While I may not be a big fan of this device, there are some positives to it. The biggest plus for me is that it’s cordless. While I am no longer in a salon environment, my biggest issue was always having my cords tangled up at my station as well as getting them tangled up at home!

Having a cordless aspect is totally a game changer and definitely allows space to be freed up on your countertop. It also allows you to move around freely and not be tied to your bathroom sink or any outlet plug nearby. 

Another positive thing that this tool has is that it measures the heat of the plates 100 times per second. This gives the plates an even heat and ensures that there are no spots on the straightener that get warmer than others.

This Dyson Corrale also has an automated shut off time of 10 minutes if left inactive. I know for me, I have a nasty habit of forgetting to turn my heat tools off, so this would really save me from a burned down apartment for sure. 

The Cons of the Dyson Corrale:

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: This tool full retail is $499. The average person who is in their right mind not only wouldn’t spend this much on a straightener, but also probably couldn’t find the value behind it either! With it being that expensive, I would expect it to have more advanced technology than it does, and better options in terms of temperature and usage. 

With many other straighteners on the market, a majority of them have a range of temperature settings ranging from 275 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, and either gives you the option of a dial or a digital screen setting to allow you to change how hot you want your straightener to be.

The Corrale only has three heat settings: 330, 365, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. While these heat ranges are decent, some kinkier curl patterns may need just a tad more heat when styling, and some straight/finer hair textures may need less heat than what the Corrale offers.  

While Dyson says it’s advancing the market with new flexiplates that bend with the hair, this simply isn’t true. There are multiple other flat irons for better prices that move with the contour of the hair and head shape. 

Alternative Straighteners For Everyone:

While the hype about a $499 hair straightener might be overwhelming and exciting, here are some better alternatives to the Dyson Corrale that work on every hair texture, length, and budget.

Bio Ionic 10x – $230.00

I think this iron is possibly one of the coolest irons on the market because it vibrates! Infused with volcanic ash, the plates on this tool allows for negative ions to drive hydration deep into the hair cuticle giving it a conditioned and sleek look while putting moisture back into the hair. The temperature goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and will shut off after an hour of inactivity. It also has a swivel cord which will allow it to move with you in whatever way you contort yourself into.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 300$179.95

I love this particular styling iron because it locks the iron in place, and also can double as a curling wand. I have had such smooth and beautiful finished styles with this tool and it truly is my go to straightener on the market at the moment! It also reaches up to 465 degrees Fahrenheit and its plates are made from titanium.

Conair Unbound Cordless Flat Iron – $99.99

This tool is a good option for those who aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg but still want the cordless option. With Conair being around for years, they never fail to release unquestionably amazing products! This device reaches up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is on the lower end of the heat spectrum, but still allows for a beautiful finish on any hair texture. 

Conair Infiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron – $44.99

While at the lower end of the spectrum, this iron has so many amazing features. With a 15 second heat up time, this iron reaches up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit and has up to 30 temperature dial heat settings. Not only are the plates titanium, but they are in a beautiful rainbow color that is so aesthetically pleasing to look at! It’s definitely a great option that won’t break the bank. 

All in all, the Dyson Corrale is overpriced and overhyped for the quality of the device that you would be receiving. While their other products are extremely reliable and amazing in quality, this one simply can’t hold its ground with the others. The Corrale is at most a $100 straightener being sold off as a $499 just for the Dyson name. Save yourself and your wallet some time and money by going with a cheaper and more dependable option. 


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