Press-On Nails have become a new obsession of mine during quarantine. These nails have been around since I was a little, and I used to get press-on nails and wear them on different days before I later made the switch to getting powdered nails. Since quarantine started, I was having some withdrawals from not treating myself to the nail salon every few weeks. But then I saw an Instagram post about press-on nails and to be honest, I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re so easy to use and I even brought a nail drill to reuse the nails so that I can save money in the process. I decided to list some of my favorite affordable and long-lasting press-on nail companies that I’ve discovered during quarantine. 


The Nailest Co

affordable press on nails

Looking for affordable nails can be especially hard if you’re not sure what size your nail is. But “ready-to-ship” is the best option for you because it fits any size. The nail set comes with 24 sets of nails, nail glue, and a mini nail file. You can also purchase a size kit that helps determine what nails are best for you. But if you are used to buying press-on nails and know your nail size, you can choose from XS-L, and choose the shape you want the nails.

You can choose from matte or glossy nails in tons of different colors. I have never been disappointed by the quality of The Nailest Co Luxury Nails and they have so many different colors/patterns to choose from that I never get tired of them. They are sturdy and always look like I am just coming from the nail salon. I get so many compliments about my nails and am always showing people the website. The prices range from $6.99 to $35.00, which for good-quality press-on nails is super affordable. Also a side note: One of the biggest problems I faced with press-on nails was nail glue, but KISS Maximum Strength Glue is the best option if you want them to last longer than two weeks. 


Leluxx Beauty Nails

I just came across these press-on nails about two months ago and I fell in love with the quality of the brand. They are another affordable, custom, luxury nail brand that caters to “ready-to-ship” designs. You will probably spend no more than $40 on a nail set from Leluxx Beauty Nails, and they do have sales that sometimes range from $15.99 to $25.

I enjoy the quality and the variety of colors to choose from, and I love the animal prints and fun patterns. Each set comes with 24 nails. The only problem I found with Leluxx is that the glue is sold separately. Right now, they have a huge sale going on for pre-orders. 


Pretty N Pressed Nails

PrettyNPressed Nails is another personal press-on nails company that I fell in love with over quarantine. They are slick and beautiful, and I  have received compliments on them daily. Not only do they have nails for your hands, but also press-ons for your toes. Sets range from $5 to $20, which include 24 pieces with all sizes, nail glue, a stick, and a nail file. As I mentioned before, PrettyNPressed does toes as well but at the moment she is currently sold out. Jill Hampton has extended her site to accessories from bags, to jewelry at an affordable price as well. 


Luxxi Nails

Luxxi Nails are probably my favorite out of the press-on nails I mentioned. They are my favorite because you don’t need any type of size kit. All styles are ready-to-ship. They are reusable, durable, and have so many colors to choose, from ombre to neutral. You get the perfect manicure right around the same price as you would pay at the nail salon. I reuse the nails every two weeks or until they decide to pop off. Every set comes with 24 sets of nails, nail glue, nail glue stickers, a nail file, a manicure stick, and an alcohol prep pad. I always like to shop with them on Fridays because they usually do free shipping at the end of the week. One of the only issues I’ve discovered is that at certain times you may need to be careful when dealing with hard objects because these nails can break easily. Unfortunately, this sort of goes for any of the press-on nails.


Taylor’D Tips

best press on nails

Owner/Designer Taylor Tips has custom, durable, and reusable nails. This is on my wish list to try for press-on nails. You can get your colors and designs altered to give you the perfect sets you are looking for. Each set comes with 10 nails and you can size the way you need. The nails are usually $25 to $45, depending on the design or color. Nail glue does not come with your sets but you can always order the nail glue on her page as well for $2. If you are unsure again about your nail size, you can order a sizing kit to help you. Taylor’D Tips sells her nails on specific days and usually has a day where she restocks and adds on. Her next restock for the site is September 30. 


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