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TBN’s Favorite Bars with Dancing in LA

There is a serious lack of bars with dancing in Los Angeles. Don’t worry friends – after extensive field research (someone had to do it) I have found some true gems that’ll help contribute to your cheers to the weekend excitement. Friday nights are the perfect time to let loose after a work week from hell so here’s a list of our favorite spots for the perfect cocktail and much-needed dance sesh:

The Room – Westside

The Room can be a little tricky to find (located on 14th and Santa Monica) but it’s a short Lyft or Uber ride for those of you that live in Venice, Santa Monica, Brentwood, or anywhere on the west side. The best way to describe The Room -a dimly lit lounge with an electric and fun dance floor 😉

The DJ’s frequently spin 90s hip hop and R&B, in addition to your favorite Top 40 hits. It’s a pretty small space but so much fun due to the fact that everyone there is in party mode. Have an upcoming birthday? The Room is a great place to plan your shindig as they have tables in cozy booths that surround the dance floor. This essential Santa Monica bar is frequently overlooked due to it’s odd location and low key vibe but is honestly one of the best Friday night options if you feel like going dancing with your besties.


How do I get there?

The Friend – Eastside

If there’s one bar I’ve recommended to every single friend of mine, it’s definitely… The Friend. This is personally my favorite bar in LA and if you haven’t been, you should plan your next Friday night here. The Friend is located on Hyperion Ave in Silverlake which is a popular avenue with lots of restaurant and bar options. I return to The Friend time and time again for the following reasons:

  • It’s visually appealing: everything is pink or pastel colored, there’s a disco ball, and there are plants everywhere. There’s also an intimate patio in the back where you’re able to have a conversation without yelling over loud music.
  • The drinks are absolutely delicious and have names like The Face, The Heartbreaker, The Artist, and The Mystic.
  • They have a pinball machine.
  • There’s a different DJ every night and they play everything but Top 40 😉
  • You’re on the dance floor the moment you walk thru the door. The Friend is the perfect bar to make new friends!


How do I get there?

The Lash – Downtown

Located in the heart of downtown, near the Regent Theater & Grand Central Market, The Lash is the place to go if you you want to be surrounded by a fun and trendy crowd. This bar/club is split up into two rooms that are connected by a short hallway — the first room is part entrance, part intimate dance floor while the second room is considered the main dance floor with lots of room to drink and be merry. They’re frequently switching things up and have different nights dedicated to hip hop, 90s R&B, darkwave, techno, etc. The best part about the Lash is that the DJ’s in each room always spin different music so you have options and will never get bored.


How do I get there?

If you end up going to any of these bars, comment below and tell us about your experience!

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