Over time, we have made countless switches to having cruelty free lines, completely vegan lines, and now we’ve reached beauty brands that have made the complete switch to being ethically and sustainably sound. But what is the point of sustainable makeup and skincare? According to both Forbes and the EPA, as much of 70% of the beauty industries’ plastic waste wasn’t recycled in 2017. This is a little unnecessary.

With sustainable makeup and skincare, you’d have the ability to recycle, refill, or reuse the containers they’re packaged with. To meet sustainability criteria, they have to be vegan/cruelty free, palm oil free, have ethically sourced ingredients, are non-toxic, and have thoughtful/recyclable packaging. Listed below are some great brands that are both sustainable/ethical and won’t leave you wondering what landfill they ended up in. 

Meow Meow Tweet

When we think of skin care, we sometimes forget it doesn’t always have to be about our face! This amazing deodorant brand is a perfect fit for those who don’t want crazy ingredients soaking into their pores. Most drugstore deodorants feature antiperspirants that contain aluminum compounds that block pores from sweating, and reduce the natural musk that happens when you sweat.

Meow Meow Tweet features deodorants with and without baking soda, and they come in both stick and cream form. They also have an under arm primer to help with the transition from drugstore deodorant to their naturally formulated ones. Meow Meow Tweet offers facial skincare products, body care, and shampoo and conditioner bars.

Another great thing about this brand is that after your first purchase, they offer a bulk refill option. They send you a kit to sterilize and refill your product for 15% off. They also share on their website different charities and organizations they have made donations to, such as Planned Parenthood, National Center for Transgender Equality, Trans Lifeline, and many more. This really stood out to me and is a brand I will be purchasing from in the near future. 

Fat and The Moon

Fat and The Moon is a great holistic brand that prides itself on being all natural and sustainable.  Founded by a natural healer and herbalist, F&M’s main focus is to cater to people who are seeking out natural alternatives to those filled with chemicals and wasteful containers. Fat and The Moon carries all sorts of alternatives ranging from sustainable makeup, first aid alternatives, holistic alternatives for Mamas and their babies, skincare, and toiletries. 

A majority of their products are encased in recyclable or reusable glass or tin containers. They also list out all ingredients that are featured in their products, as well as the length of time that the products are good for. This can range from anywhere between three months to over a year. The only downside of this brand that I can see is that they do use some beeswax in some of their balms and salves. This should be taken into consideration when purchasing particular items as they would not qualify as vegan options.


Goodjuju is defining the new standard of natural with their beauty products. Their founder, Judith Jones, was fed up with how the majority of said “natural” products on the market still contained many irritating ingredients that bothered her skin. All of the ingredients in Goodjuju’s products have to meet specific standards: being free of compounds not naturally found that can irritate skin, multiple products can have multiple uses, and all ingredients need to be locally sourced.

Goodjuju also gives back with their “Happy Skin Project.” This program is used to help provide free and discounted soaps and other products to help people who are going through chemotherapy. Judith started this program after struggling with severe skin problems and having had personal experiences with loved ones impacted by cancer. If local to the Durham, Raleigh, or Charlotte areas, you can also stock up on all your favorite soaps and oils that Goodjuju offers. 

No Tox Life

No Tox Life is a great brand that is putting an end to toxic chemicals in the beauty world and bringing sustainability to the forefront. Started by a mother and daughter duo, No Tox Life boasts both sustainable and vegan alternatives to the wellness industry. They offer natural deodorants that come without any useless packaging, shampoo and conditioner bars, skin care, shaving products, tooth paste, body soaps, and vegan makeup.

NTL even offers eucalyptus shower steam cubes to help open up your airways and support your respiratory system, all while you shower and melt your troubles away. All of their products come either in recyclable or reusable glass or low waste tins that you could repurpose for something different. When it comes to shipping out their products, No Tox Life has a zero plastic policy. They use up-cycled cardboard and cornstarch packing peanuts to help ship their products to their new homes safely while still being beneficial to the environment. 

Sea Witch Botanicals 

Sea Witch Botanicals makes you feel like the green, sustainable witch you’ve always dreamed of being! Offering incense and candles, colognes and perfumes, grooming and feminine care, vegan soaps, and sustainable makeup and skincare, there’s nothing else you may need from this wonderful brand!

They chose the name Sea Witch in order to illustrate their devotion to keeping the ocean and other bodies of water clean from toxins and pollutants. Beauty products are often insidiously tainted with carcinogens and irritants, which Sea Witch vehemently opposes. The believe that toxic products may not only inhabit our skin and bodies, but the Earth’s waterways as well. They also give back to charities such as Earthjustice and Environmental Working Group to help promote research and protection of the environment from harmful toxins in our waterways. 

With all of these amazing options, sustainable choices are more accessible than we think.  There’s no reason why sustainability and environment friendly options shouldn’t be done on a larger scale. If you currently shop more sustainable options, we would love to hear about them in our comment section below! Leave your favorite sustainable product and brand so we can give them a try.


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