These days, our social media acronyms have suddenly taken major shifts due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. What were once OOTDs and YOLOs have turned into AFK and WFH. With most companies rolling out mandatory work from home arrangements for their employees, another thing that has changed is our choice of clothes for when we turn on that laptop and log in for the daily grind.

Here are some of our top picks for sustainable and ethically-made loungewear brands that will get you ready for both getting down to business at home, or binging Too Hot to Handle.


This LA-based organic cotton loungewear brand spawned from Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry’s need for comfy and ethically-made undies. Made entirely of organically grown natural fibers that are toxic-free, Pansy’s line of loungewear include underwear, leggings, shirts, robes, socks, and drawstring pants that are 100% USA-grown organic cotton and come in a wide range of sizes. 

You get your orders within two days at either $5 first-class shipping or $8 via priority mail. You can also order overseas at slightly higher rates, but Pansy is definitely your best bet if you are looking for affordable, sustainable and fun to wear WFH options! 


Pact’s line of organic cotton clothing and home goods are cute, comfy, and good for the planet. We also love their tagline, “Change You Can Wear.” This supports how we love to wear clothes, value work, engage in wellness, and care for the environment. 

Their collection caters to us as individuals, or all members of the family: from your hubby/wife/sig-o, to your kids or babies. Of course for your WFH needs, Pact delivers colorful and stylish sundresses, sweats, jumpsuits, camisoles, crew neck tees, undies, tank tops, and more! You truly get your money’s worth with every purchase (most of which are less than $50 per item), and you get to feel good about wearing these awesome eco-friendly clothes.   

Made Trade

Ethical trade, safe production, and unparalleled artistry are the main factors that drive this brand to come up with a line of loungewear for cozy days. You can choose from a wide selection of dresses, athletic wear, jumpsuits, sweaters and more which you can not only wear when you WFH, but for every occasion too.

Though some of their lines are made internationally, Made Trade practices international fair trade standards because this brand values transparency. When you pay them a visit, be sure to check out their other awesome home decor, kitchen and dining, and gift products. 


We know most millennials and Gen Z’ers prefer brands that do more for people and the environment, and Coyuchi takes those aspects a step further. They disrupt how people think about home textiles and making environmentally conscious choices. They do this by letting their customers know their pipeline-to-pipeline process, from managing the supply chain down to how they incorporate safety in production. 

Among their sustainable loungewear products are rompers, crew shirts, joggers, sweaters, and cardigans that are all stylishly made out of 100% cotton and always with the safety and wellness of the hands that made them in mind. After work, get into bed with Coyuchi’s enticingly comfortable bedding sets. This brand has definitely got you covered throughout the day.


Let’s take a break from cotton and focus this time on bamboo yarn, which is actually softer than cotton. 

Australian brand Boody uses these easy on the skin, hypoallergenic, and highly breathable materials to produce relaxing WFH loungewear at reasonable prices. From socks to knit wraps, to plain white tees, Boody has them all with the promise of clothing that’s good for both you and the planet. You work smart when you wear smart and Boody makes sure you get the best out of their sustainable selections everytime.    


One of the most stylish brands we found for our loungewear hunt is Kotn’s selection of robes, pantsuits, long sleeves, and jersey tees that are perfect for your WFH phase. Their direct trade practices with family-run farms has earned them a B Corp Movement certification. You can buy several items without even breaking the bank, plus free shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada for purchases over $75!   

Mate the Label

Another LA-based sustainable brand, Mate the Label, has loungewear made from non-toxic, natural and certified organic materials. They make sure that their clothing production is free of synthetic chemicals and passes the Global Organic Textile Standard

Grown in India and knitted in the US, their loungewear products include sweaters, tank tops, dresses, thermals, and tees, and they are all fabulous for WFH. Want to make a difference? Mate the Label currently encourages its customers to donate 3-layer masks for COVID-19 frontliners for just $3.50!    

Odd Bird  

Odd Bird offers high-waisted pants, two-piece loungewear sets, play dresses, and fashionable tops that will make you the envy of your digital colleagues. Made from 100% natural fibers and handwoven to perfection, this brand’s WFH garments produce clothing that’s meant to last for longer in small batches. Wearing them will let you feel the quality and care that’s put in every piece that you’d never want to take them off!  

WFH (Wear For Happiness)

With these brands, you can support artisans and help protect the environment while working at home. Nowadays, being fashionable means being conscious of what good you can do for people and the environment. And these brands help you do just.


Which ones are your favorites when it comes to WFH loungewear? Tell us all about them in the comments section below 🙂

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