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Step Up Your Beauty Game for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! The lights, the bells, the holly hanging everywhere you look. And with that, my favorite holiday beauty looks are back. I love everything about this season. As a beauty fanatic, everything from glitter to red lips is all a go.

Here are some ways you can spread holiday cheer through your beauty regime.


Glitter Eyeliner

This may sound a little intimidating, but don’t worry. You don’t have to glob on the glitter and look like you have two disco balls for eyes. One way I love to add a little sparkle to my cat-eye is to either outline the black liner with a festive glitter liner or vice versa with the glitter on the inside and a black outline. A little bit goes a long way. This is subtle but adds beautiful detail to a basic liner technique. If you love the cat-eye look, get a liner with a thin tip. It makes it easier to fill in or outline the black liner and allows for you to get that final perfect flick at the end.

Liners I Love


Red Lips

This is a classic but oh so perfect holiday staple. How can you go wrong with a red lip? Find your perfect red and rock it! Are you longing for a Southern California Christmas – that’s what I call Christmas when it’s 75 degrees outside ;). Maybe an orange-red will fit your needs. Are you feeling sultry and sexy this holiday season? A deep cherry red will be perfect for you. And then there’s always the classic, that Marilyn Monroe bright candy apple red. Combine it with a golden cat-eye outlined in black and you will be the perfect holiday picture. Whichever red you choose, you will be turning heads with a bold and beautiful statement.

Reds to Rock


Gold Eyeshadow

Oh girl, gold is the way to go! This metallic must-have is always a holiday favorite. You can go all out with a full on metal-eye, with those beautiful shimmers going from the lid to the brow bone. Or you can keep it more low-key with a matte crease and a pop of gold on the lid. When in doubt –go for the gold.

Glittering Gold Single Shadows

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