I wrote about the last New Moon of 2020 a few weeks ago, and now we have the last full moon of the year today, December 29th! It’s in the watery sign of Cancer and it might feel…emotional. If that’s the last thing you want to hear as we celebrate the holidays and close out the year, don’t worry. This article is going to offer some tips for staying grounded and provide a ritual you can do to help work through any #feelings. 


In true 2020 fashion, there’s a lot going on cosmically

On Monday, December 21st we had Winter Solstice, an event called “The Great Conjunction,” and entered the start of Capricorn season. Winter Solstice and Capricorn season of course happen every year, but The Great Conjunction only happens about every 20 years and marks a pretty big energetic shift.

You can read up on the science of the event in this article by NASA (it’s pretty cool), but essentially the planets Jupiter and Saturn come together and look extra big and bright. Even though this event occurs roughly every 20 years, the planets have not been this close in about 800 years! Some people call the event the Christmas Star, and there’s speculation that the planetary meetup was also as big and bright on the night the bible says Jesus was born.

The event ushers in a new season. The last one happened in the earth sign of Capricorn, and this conjunction falls in the air sign of Aquarius. The past 20 years have marked a season filled with Capricorn ideals like hard work, ambition, and authority. Aquarius is more community-driven, with one of their big ideals being freedom. Because of this, the next 20 year season will most likely feel pretty different. 



What does this have to do with the full moon in Cancer?

In astrology, everything is connected and related, so it can be nice to take a look at the big picture. It can be easy to think one event will mark instant change, but that’s not usually the case. We have all these events going on that point to big energetic shifts and changes, but the full moon in Cancer will remind us to slow down a bit.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest and darkest day of the year (when we have the least amount of daylight). But from December 21st on, we start slowly gaining daylight hours. The Great Conjunction marks a shift into Aquarius energy but we’re currently still in Capricorn season. Basically, this full moon will remind us that change is always happening slowly but not immediately, and just when we’re starting something new, we’re also closing something else out. As this full moon lands just a few days before New Year’s Eve, it will be the perfect way to close out 2020 and welcome in 2021!



What kind of energy will this full moon bring?

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is not afraid to dive into the deep end of their emotions. As I mentioned before, we may be feeling a little more sensitive around the night of the 29th (or if you aren’t, it can be helpful to keep in mind that the people around you might be). Cancer can get a bad rap for being emotional (and it’s true, a lot of people with their sun sign in Cancer may tend to tear up at movies or be the friend you go to when you need a little nurturing), but that doesn’t mean they’re weak.

Cancer is also tied to mothering energy, which can be warm and loving as well as fierce and strong. It could be all too easy to power through the end of 2020 and excitedly anticipate all the changes we hope 2021 will bring, but this full moon will probably force us to take a good look at 2020. With the start of a new 20 year season in Aquarius, this moon may also have us looking back at the past 20 years! It will be the reminder we all need that how we finish one thing often sets the tone for how we begin the next. 



Give me the ritual

If you did the ritual for the New Moon in Sagittarius a few weeks ago, then this will feel familiar (if you didn’t, that’s fine you can still do this ritual). You’ll need the same items:


-Piece of paper

-Pen or something to write with


-Matches or a lighter 

If you did the last ritual and have your list of things you want to welcome in 2021, then you can also have that handy. That ritual centered around inviting fresh new energy into your life and starting to think big. This ritual will help you feel grounded during the full moon and is a way to release old energy and things you’re ready to leave behind.

As always, this is a simple ritual and something you can do a few days before or after the 29th. You’ll start by writing down the things you’re ready to release, which can be one thing or one hundred! You don’t have to force it and most likely the important things will come to you fairly easily. After you’ve created your list, you can fold your piece of paper and set it under your candle. If your candle is small or that seems precarious, you can just fold the paper and set it in front. Then you’ll light your candle.

Once you’ve done that, you can spend a few moments taking a few deep breaths, meditating on the flame of the candle, and imagining leaving the things on your list in the past. Again, Cancer is a sign associated with nurturing energy. You don’t have to think of this as an extreme or dramatic farewell to the things on your list, but more of a gentle release.

After you’ve spent a few moments doing that, if you have your list from the last ritual you can grab it and look it over. If you don’t have one, you can spend the next few minutes looking at the flame of your candle and thinking of a few things you’re ready to welcome into your life in 2021!

It can seem like a simple activity, but slowing down and doing something with intention is a great way to feel grounded. You may find the Cancer energy surrounding this moon surprisingly comforting. After embracing it, you may be ready to welcome the new year feeling fresh and a little less weighed down. 


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