Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and you may have already started planning for that special someone. If your gift plans include self-care and skincare, we’ve got the tips to help you out.

Shop the classics.

If you’re shopping skincare for your partner and you don’t know what their skincare routine is like, go with the classic fundamentals instead of the filler-packed fancy stuff.

Gentle cleansers in particular are your safest bet: because they’re washed off after a few seconds, they don’t stick to the skin and have low risk of irritability. Unlike other skincare items, cleansers don’t target any particular concerns, so you don’t need to know your partner’s skin issues in detail.

In addition to that, cleansers can be multi-functional: on the off-chance that what you get doesn’t work for your partner, they can easily repurpose it, e.g. use it for the body or use it to clean makeup brushes.

If your partner loves makeup, you can opt for makeup-removing cleansers such as micellar waters, cleansing oils, or cleansing balms. If your partner prefers a quick wash, opt for water-based or cream-based cleansers — choose ones that sit within a pH level between 5 to 7 and are sulfate-free. These are gentle and ideal for all skin conditions.

Brands typically list these qualities in the product descriptions, so read up to make sure or ask customer service if you are overwhelmed. Cleansers are typically among the cheapest items in a brand, so you can also go a little more luxurious than usual without breaking the bank.


Shop your partner’s classics…and more!

If you know what skincare your partner loves, then give them more of it! Unless they’ve shared their skincare wishlist with you, or you’re aware of what kind of skincare they go for, shopping skincare recklessly might do more harm than good.

Don’t risk giving your partner breakouts. Stick with the tried-and-tested, reliable and well-loved items they swear by — they’ll thank you for it!

Spice your gift up by adding a couple of accessories: think sets of soft face towels, silk pillow sheets, reusable cotton pads, cute headbands, pretty wristbands, and anything cute related to skincare. These goodies will help up your partner’s skincare game, and you won’t need to worry about going through the shelves and studying confusing cosmetic terms.


Treat your partner to a spa day.

Spending some R&R with your partner will be a luxurious and well-appreciated treat. If you’re planning a relaxing weekend away from home, make sure your partner knows to set time for it beforehand so there won’t be any scheduling mishaps.

Plenty of spas offer couples’ packages for your choosing — it’s really up to you if you choose something comfortable and familiar, or if you choose something a little more adventurous. 

If you’re preparing your own spa day at home, stock up on some skincare masks for that extra treat in your routine. After your cleansing routine, start with your wash-off masks, follow it with sheet masks, and then finish off with sleeping masks for that final dose of care. You and your partner will be radiant the next morning.



Which one of these are you planning to do on Valentine’s Day? Share your plans with us in the comments!