Earth Day is coming up this month, and a great way to celebrate is by doing small things to help show our love and appreciation for our planet. Reusing, recycling, and up-cycling are perfect ways to do this! Here are some fun and simple ways to reuse some of your common household items.

1. Use toilet paper rolls as compost OR seed starters

You can compost toilet paper rolls, or you can use them as plantable seed starters! Meaning you can just stick them straight into the ground when they’re ready!

2. Glass bottles as flower vases

You can get some more inspiration here.

3. Reuse Tupperware containers as drawer organizers

Tupperware or other plastic to go containers actually make perfect drawer organizers. You can separate silverware in your kitchen, art supplies, or makeup in your bathroom!

4. Cardboard egg carton as a seed starter

Same as the cardboard toilet paper rolls, you can start your plants and then place the entire carton directly into the ground (only if it’s cardboard). If it’s a plastic egg carton, try it as a drawer organizer for super small things like buttons, bobby pins, safety pins, paper clips, etc. OR you could use it to hold multiple colors of paint for projects or crafts.

5. Reuse bread bags as animal poop bags

Yep, you heard that right. But think about it! Why not use those instead of buying extra plastic specifically for your pets? The longer shape also makes them super easy to tie.

6. Plastic bottle as seed planter

This one is fun. Learn more about how to do it here.

7. Succulents in old candle jars

Instead of tossing out candle jars when you’re done, just clean out the wax and add a succulent!

8. Laundry detergent containers as weights

Laundry detergent containers have the perfect sized handles for creating at-home weights! You can fill them with water, dried beans or lentils, rice, or anything else you can find!

9. Reuse ld clothes/fabric as pet toys

My favorite way of using old clothes for my cats is to get dried catnip and tie it up with the fabric. Or you can used strands of old clothes for dogs like this.

reuse household items

10. Milk jug as watering can

Just poke some holes at the top and voila!

11. Tin cans as planters, table decor, pencil holder, paintbrush holder, etc

If you stocked up on canned goods, you might have some old tin cans lying around waiting to be tossed out. But they’re easy to paint and turn into something cute and useful.

12. Pringles can to hold your straightener

reuse household items

13. Scrunchies from fabric

This craft is an easy one, and it doesn’t require a sewing machine or anything. Read how to do it here.

14. Light bulbs to hanging flower vases

A simple and beautiful way to avoid tossing lightbulbs. Try lavender or eucalyptus to bring in some relaxing smells to your home.

reuse household items


Do you have any other ideas of how to reuse or recycle common items you find around the house? Let us know in the comments!



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