Each time you wander the city, the chances you’ll see a juice bar within the neighborhood is as likely as seeing a yellow taxi cab. Juice is having a major moment in the wellness scene, and cold-pressed juice has been the go-to drink of health aficionados who swear by the nutritional benefits (minus all the inconveniences) it brings!

But what is cold-pressed juice, exactly?

These delicious and healthy beverages exploded in the wellness scene during the late 90s when many people abstained from solid food in lieu of green juices for the latter’s ability to cleanse, boost the immune system, and provide energy. Soon after that, A-list celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Nick Jonas were seen sporting juices. And then even more people started to join the bandwagon. 

What’s so amazing about cold-pressed juices is that they come in small packages, but deliver big nutritional values. They are refreshing, nutrient-packed drinks that can help you last throughout the day, give you that much-needed energy pre and post-workout, and keep your metabolism in tip-top shape. 

Some cold-pressed juices can contain up to six pounds of fresh-vitamin and mineral-rich produce for every 16-ounce bottle, which are more than enough in terms of our daily dietary needs for lesser calorie intake.  

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how beneficial this juice really is. Read on to learn more about how cold-pressed juice can be a nutritious addition to your day!

Cold-pressed juice 101

Most of you might be wondering about the difference between cold-pressed juice and the generic green juice that comes out of ordinary blenders. Cold-pressed juice is extracted via high-pressure processing using a hydraulic press. 

This helps preserve all the nutrients we should be getting from our greens and fruits. And since there is no additional heat and oxygen involved in the process unlike in the usual green juicers, what we get are pure nutrients in juice form. 

Another good thing about high-pressure processing is that it inactivates potential harmful pathogens for a much cleaner extract – simply put, the juice becomes more potent and actually better tasting!

IMO, cold-pressed juice would sit well with all types of health junkies. Meat lovers can easily adapt to the taste, hardcore vegans will immediately experience its overall benefits, and fitness novices will feel the cleansing effects, boosts of energy, and weight loss within a few weeks. It’s also an everyday detoxification solution for how we experience stress and fatigue from our daily grind which can adversely affect our skin and internal organs. 

Cold-pressed juice strengthens our immunity because every bottle is chock full of ingredients. And the best part of it all is that the benefits instantly kick in as you take a sip. Without fruit and vegetable fiber to break down, your digestive system delivers all the nutrients throughout your body in no time helping prevent inflammation, increase red blood production,  and provide proper oxidation to the cells.         

What you should look for  

Sadly, there are plenty of juice-centric companies around but they don’t necessarily give you the same nutritious serving you’d expect. One juicing machine company recently crashed hard by not meeting customer expectations when it came down to technology despite its expensive price tag. With the market’s trust gone, investors started pulling out and soon enough the company ceased to exist. 

Learning from that lesson, customers are selecting their juice bars with vigilance, hoping to get their quick fix of genuine juices that are actually worth their money. However, with new brands sprouting like mushrooms, many of us may ask: which ones are really worth it? 

If you are planning to try cold-pressed juice over a long period of time, what you probably want to know first is how your daily provider will be preparing the juice. 

Look for fresh those that prepare whole fruits and vegetables using high-pressure processors, which is one of the approved methods by the FDA.        

Make sure your juice bar can give you at least one to four pounds of fruits and greens in every bottle so you get ample vitamins, nutrients, and minerals throughout the day. This makes your juice taste better plus you’re assured that you get 100% of all the benefits. 

Another thing you may want to consider is the selection of available products you can choose from, as some menu boards are simply dull with limited options. There are juice bars out there that can even offer you great plans for detoxification, energy boost, and wellness whether you’re new to the trend or an experienced juicer so make sure you study your options well. 

How to get cold-pressed juice anytime, anywhere

Cold-pressed juices are also perfect for busy people who want to make sure they get their daily allowance of fruits and vegetables easily on the fly. Nowadays, only a few of us have the time to visit the market, prepare meals, and count calories anyway, right? That’s why we leave it to juice bars to do that tedious work for us. 

In fact, California-based Pressed Juicery offers a number of farm-to-bottle products in over 75 locations across the U.S. with local delivery and shipping options available. 

Needless to say, there’s no longer any reason why you can’t have your daily fix of green juice anytime, anywhere. These days, high-nutrition is conveniently within your reach if you know just where to look. 

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