Over the past few years, I have been through tons of classes and schooling to broaden my knowledge of the beauty industry. I’m constantly sharing basic foundational facts with friends and family but soon realized that the average person who isn’t in the beauty industry wouldn’t know these simple facts. Compiled below are 10 beauty facts that I feel like every person should know!

1. Coconut Oil isn’t great for your hair or skin

This may come as a shock to most people, as so many DIY or at home beauty gurus recommend using coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment/mask for your hair or as a makeup remover or moisturizer for skincare. While in theory this would be a great idea since oils can be very hydrating to the skin and hair, it is a major let down.

The reality of this oil is that the molecules in coconut oil are far too big to penetrate the hair shaft. The coconut oil instead just sits on top of the hair and gives the hair a slimy and oily appearance vs a healthy and shiny look. For skin care, it is a similar situation. It ends up sitting on top of the skin, leaving the skin looking overly oily and dull. 

If you’re still looking to use an oil to remove your makeup or deep condition your hair, I highly recommend switching to olive oil, grapeseed oil, or avocado oil. All of these oils have great benefits and vitamins to them and are able to penetrate the skin and hair cuticles. 

2. ALWAYS Do a Patch Test

When you are unsure how your skin will react to a product (whether it be skincare, haircare, or makeup), ALWAYS be sure to do a patch test to see how you will react before applying it all over. I have had countless reactions myself to various different chemicals in skincare which could have easily been avoided had I done a patch test to see how I would react to the products. 

3. Be Cautious Buying from Unauthorized Retailers

Before going to cosmetology school, I was truly unaware of this one. After much research, I realized shopping for hair care, skincare, and makeup from unauthorized retailers can be super sketchy. What many people don’t know is that many products can be counterfeit and actually replaced with something it may not be labeled with. Not only this, but many products you may find at unauthorized retailers can also be expired. This can result in chemical reactions, and you may notice that the products aren’t working as well as they should be. 

4. Organic Doesn’t Always Mean Better

I’ve noticed over the past few years with the growing trend of organic products becoming increasingly popular that not every product that is labeled organic is a good product to be using. Some things to be on the lookout for when purchasing is if there are any alcohol additives.

This can result in your hair or face becoming drier than normal. Another additive to be wary of is dimethicone. While used in many moisturizers and lotions, this additive can actually trap in dirt and oils into the skin. This can result in more breakouts and black heads. It is also a non-biodegradable product. 

5. Read the Label and Know What It Means

This beauty fact is becoming increasingly popular and I love it. Reading is fundamental and knowing what you’re putting on your scalp and face is super important. Like previously stated above, a lot of products may have things in it (like alcohol and dimethicone) that aren’t necessary.

A lot of hair care products we see and use may have things such as sulfates, like SLS and SLES, which are commonly used to create more of an invigorating lather when shampooing the scalp. While SLS and SLES may be beneficial every so often to completely clean your scalp and hair, using a shampoo with these every time you wash your hair isn’t great for you. It can dry out your scalp, cause hair color to fade quicker than normal, and cause overproduction of oils.

While many brands have decided to move away from using SLS and SLES, always be sure to check the ingredients on the back of the bottle to be sure what is in it. Googling ingredients you’re unsure about or haven’t heard of should be normalized. Even as a stylist who knows of many different common chemicals in products, I still find myself googling away and searching ingredients that I haven’t heard of before.

6. Face Oils Are Actually Worth It

I used to be the kind of person who wasn’t too fond of face oils due to the fact that I had oily to combination skin. I was afraid of over moisturizing my skin and making the natural oils I had worse. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has turned into the Sahara desert and can’t seem to get enough moisture. Face Oils are a great remedy for extra moisture after you apply your daily face moisturizer. This locks in moisture and provides any extra UMPH your skin may need. 

7. Break up with Your Makeup Wipes

I’ve struggled with adding this particular beauty tip to my routine the most. Most makeup wipes on the market right now are not great for the environment and usually end up sitting in a landfill somewhere. They are also terrible for the eye area, and using dragging motions around your eyes can cause premature wrinkling.

I recently purchased a Makeup Eraser to help remove all of my makeup before washing my face and it’s truly worth every penny. The Makeup Eraser is at a steep price point but any microfiber cloth would work just as well to remove face makeup gently. 


These tips are just a few I feel should be common knowledge in the beauty world and hopefully they’re just as helpful to you as they are to me! If you have a beauty fact you would love to share with us, leave it in a comment below!   


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