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I like to eat…a lot. And because of this, juice just hasn’t really been my thing. It never has been, especially because people usually go crazy over cleansing with juice. I don’t like the idea of just drinking my food, when I could be eating it. This is why I was hesitant when I was asked to try Pressed Juicery, a company that got started out in California, that aims to make cold-pressed juice affordable and accessible to everyone. 

What I quickly learned after ordering from Pressed Juicery is that I don’t have to cleanse or restrict to drink fresh, cold-pressed juice. I can enjoy it as a pairing at breakfast or lunch, an additive for smoothies or coffee drinks, or even a base for a summertime mocktail/cocktail recipe. 

What Pressed Juicery Does

Pressed Juicery got its start in California, but they now have over 80 locations across the U.S. 

They are working to flip the world of juicing on its head, and aim to follow their main principle: “nutrition should be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone.”

They provide local pickup if you’re near a location, as well as overnight or two-day delivery if you’re a bit farther away. You can choose from individual green juices, root juices, citrus juices, cleansing packages, wellness packages, wellness shots, almond milks, and even vegan.frozen.yogurt. Their juices contain up to 4 pounds of produce in each bottle, which is pretty dang cool.

Why I Loved Pressed

I’m 29 and still have a hard time eating veggies

Raw veggies have never appealed to me, and cooking vegetables is just a bit meh sometimes. But after ordering a few green juices from Pressed, I realized that I could enjoy some veggie nutrients on the go in a delicious way. 

I would never recommend green juices as a replacement for vegetable intake in your diet, but I will say that enjoying one at breakfast along with some scrambled eggs was a perfect way for me to down some green nutrients. 

My favorite was the Kale Spinach Ginger Juice. It contains kale, apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, and parsley, but all I could really taste was the apple, lemon, ginger, and a bit of the parsley. 

They also have a selection of three different “root juices,” which are beet based. I’ve never enjoyed cooking with beets, but drinking beets in juice form brings out all the sweetness and makes it more bearable. This way I can still enjoy some of the anti-inflammatory properties without the weird, earthy texture of raw beets. They also have a carrot/apple juice that I haven’t tried yet, but I can imagine it would be delicious with the sweetness of the apple.

They’re way more affordable than any other juice company I’ve tried

I’ve never had more affordable cold-pressed juice than Pressed Juicery. With the bundles, each juice is only about $4-$5 each, which is at least half of what I’m used to paying for cold-pressed juice. Even an individual juice at $6.75 is a few bucks cheaper than what I’ve seen elsewhere.

They state on their website that their mission is “to make high-nutrition a realistic option for everyone.” I’ve always felt that cold-pressed juice was awesome but really inaccessible for most people, so seeing Pressed Juicery live out their mission statement is really admirable. 

They have a large variety of juices and combinations

Pressed isn’t just about a good ol’ green juice. Their menu is packed full of fun stuff, and it’s by far one of the biggest menus I’ve seen for a juice company. For juices alone, they have over 20 different flavor combinations. Then they have lemonades, chlorophyll and aloe vera water, wellness shots like lemon/ginger, elderberry, and probiotic. On top of that, you can purchase protein bars and vegan soft serve (although the soft serve can’t be delivered).

Probably the most unique things on their menu are the apple cider vinegar drinks. They offer apple cider vinegar drinks made with cold-pressed greens, as well as apple cider vinegar shots sweetened with honey or pineapple. 

What I Ordered from Pressed Juicery

I ordered a bundle of 6 juices priced at $34, which is about $5.50 per juice. This is usually the price when you order them in bundles, but individually, each juice is still only $6.75. I chose the following juices:

Blood Orange Kumquat 

pressed juicery

Citrus 1: cucumber, pineapple, coconut water, lemon, aloe vera

Citrus 3: grapefruit Aloe Mint

pressed juicery

Chocolate Almond Milk: almonds, dates, cacao, sea salt

Greens 4: cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, cayenne

Roots 3: apple, ginger, lemon, beet

Strawberry Pitaya Almond Milk: strawberries, almonds, dates, pitaya, vanilla

pressed juice

Tart Cherry Shot

Some Different Ways I Used My Pressed Juices

Again, I’m not the girl to go to for advice on juice cleanses, because I just don’t like them. But there are so many other things you can do with cold-pressed juices. Some of the things I tried with my order include:

Good old fashioned breakfast juice. My parents used to always drink a glass of juice with their breakfast in the morning, and now I can see why. One morning I made a breakfast of eggs and toast, and enjoyed a glass of the Blood Orange Kumquat juice (which really just tastes like delicious orange juice). Another morning I had a yogurt parfait and enjoyed the Kale Spinach Cucumber juice as a yummy way to get some veggies in the morning. 

Chocolate Almond Milk as coffee creamer. Their almond milk might have been one of my favorite drinks. It contains almonds, cacao, dates, and sea salt. I normally don’t like almond milk in my coffee because it’s thin and watery, and has a weird taste. But the Pressed Almond Milk tastes just like a mild vanilla creamer, and the texture was on the thicker side, so it made for a perfect coffee creamer. Pressed also makes a Turmeric Almond Milk and a Vanilla Almond Milk. 

Almond Milk in a smoothie or nice cream. I also used the Strawberry Almond Milk in my maca/banana smoothie, which was also the perfect sweetener because of the dates. My favorite thing that I made with the milk though was banana nice cream. I just used two frozen bananas, just a dash of the Strawberry Almond Milk, and a scoop of almond butter. I put everything together in a food processor and it made a perfect bowl of nice cream. 

Summertime cocktail and/or mocktail. These juices are perfect for making “healthier” cocktails or mocktails because of their natural sweetness. I think Pressed would be a great addition to some of these classic cocktails, but I have a favorite that I made with the Strawberry Basil Lemonade:

-2 oz of Gin

-1 cup of the Pressed Grapefruit, Aloe Vera, Mint juice

-½ oz of lemon juice

-optional: simple syrup if you want it on the sweeter side

-shake up with ice and enjoy with a lemon peel as garnish 

One Note if You’re Not Near One of Their Locations

The only thing that I encountered that made this experience a little tricky were the shipping costs. If you’re not near one of their locations, the shipping cost can be around $20 per shipment. It all just depends on where you’re located. They make their products in Central California, so shipping can get steep if you’re in Orlando, Florida (me). 

Some Final Thoughts

Pressed Juicery was by far the best cold-pressed juice experience I’ve ever had. Everything went smoothly, from the time my box was delivered to the last drop of the juice that I enjoyed. It really was such a simple, delicious experience. I love that Pressed is able to maintain their mission of making juice accessible and affordable, while not ever sacrificing quality of sourcing, packaging, or the product itself. 


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