You have found a new lifestyle, discovered a muscle-building workout plan. Or you have discovered that there is a connection between your mental health and your gut microbiome, so you begin a quest to heal your gut. These can all be really powerful paths that your soul may be inviting you on. I want to gather you all close, around a campfire as I tell you something I wish I had learned long ago: change takes time.

Change takes time to embody emotionally as you process. Change takes time biochemically as you heal. It takes time mentally and physically as you recalibrate. Here is the thing about it; your soul is not in a rush. So, as you work to acknowledge any imbalances mentally, emotionally, and physically, honor the pace with which you will realign.

Odds are, if you have been creating poor habits for a long period of time, your initiation to change will require your honoring of time. If you have been chronically dehydrated for years, your conscious choice to drink more than enough water will no doubt make you feel better. It will also require your patience as you solidify a foundation for long-term health. In time, you may notice more energy, clearer skin, and feel overall healthier.

So how do we honor both our own pace and lean into a fuller life?

Celebrate yourself

You are incredibly unique and have incredible strength. You are incredibly capable and lovable. Did you catch how incredible you are? This is so powerfully noted in the way you love yourself. The way that you love yourself is noted in the way that you talk to yourself.

Take note on what your brain pathways are communicating. Do you recognize your strengths and natural gifts or inclinations? Celebrate those! We often get stuck ruminating on what we don’t have, that we never actually go after what we want.

We feel helpless, like a victim, or like health and vitality are out of our reach. They are not. In fact, you are exactly where you need to be. Celebrate yourself, practice self love, and pave a foundation with which you will establish what you want, honor the time it will take, and go after it.

Lower your overall stress

Your soul is communicating to you, have you slowed down to listen? You have everything you need within you to hear what you need to feel whole, healthy, and vital. The reality is, change takes a tremendous amount of energy. We can’t support our endeavors to change if we are already fatigued and over-exhausted.

The very thought of change in a tired body is another chore that cannot be grasped. Let me invite you to slow down. Let go, rest more, slow your pace, and manage your stress in healthier ways. If you can’t seem to handle the stress, maybe it is because it is too much for anyone to handle. Once you have slowed down and lowered your overall stress in the body, you will notice how much easier it is to grasp the idea of change to create the life you want.

Establish a dream and measurable goals to support it

What is the life you want? What do you dream of and what are you willing to change for? Do you want to be a massage therapist, or a long distance runner? Do you want to be able to lift your grandchildren or hike Machu Picchu?

You can’t shame yourself into change through deep seated healing, but you can invite yourself into change by dreaming big, and writing out measurable goals to support your dream.

Proceed with love

The love that you have for yourself will be the love that you offer the world. Let me say it louder for the ones in the back *THE LOVE THAT YOU HAVE FOR YOURSELF WILL BE THE LOVE THAT YOU OFFER THE WORLD.* By world, I mean your world. Your friends, your family, your children, your neighbors. Feel empowered to go forward with love. You are loved, and the momentum of change that you create will carve more opportunities of growth for yourself and those around you.

Fast change is often reverberated as crash change. It is an immediate call to action in a state of panic. It can show fast results, and then quickly turn right back around. We don’t want change to bounce back.

I would like to invite you into slow paced change. Honor your own pace as you allow your mind, body, and soul enough time to all catch up to new habits and address any hurtles along the way. You are capable of feeling whole, connected, healthy, present, and full of vitality.

TBN, delivered.

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