When you think of ‘being well,’ what comes to mind? Is it feeling physically well? Or maybe you go a step further and say that it is feeling emotionally and physically well so that you can carry on with your life, with your dream, and with your purpose.

Being well, or wellness of oneself, encompasses a whole body, mental, physical, and emotional homeostasis. Each entity supporting the other like spokes on a wheel, playing into each other’s success and throwing a dent in the spinning wheel if one is off balance.

Here’s the truth; we all deserve to be well. So what if I told you that being well, or achieving wellness is within your reach? What if I told you that you don’t have to add a page to your to-do list, and you don’t have to spend a penny to be well right now, on this very day?

Being well doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, because a lot of it begins with a mindset shift.


Being Well Can Be Encouraged with a Mindset Shift

Wellness is what you make it, and your perception becomes your reality. Perspective plays a massive role in our experience, which means that if you think that you are unwell, you will act unwell, and you will be unwell.

Let’s go a little deeper. Oftentimes, we get stuck in an unhealthy cycle. Binge eating, feeling like a victim, or wondering if things will ever get better. This can be because of a subconscious belief system. Ask yourself, is there a subconscious belief system you have that is supporting your unhealthy lifestyle? Perhaps you don’t feel like you deserve to be healthy, whole, and full of vitality. It is helpful to pay attention to your underlying beliefs about yourself and what you’re capable of as you observe any self-sabotaging behaviors.

Shed that old belief system. Hold space for gratitude with who you are today. Any limitations you have are an opportunity to grow and evolve in strength. You are well, you are capable of being well, and you deserve to be well.


Being Well is Often a Choice

Now that we have touched based on your mindset, take note of the irony that being well is actually a natural state of being. While there are circumstances that are out of our control, it is from our natural state that we can get thrown off course from negative experiences and unhealthy lifestyles. As we learn to lean into and process any experiences of victimization, it is a natural part of the process to shed that perception and move forward with empowerment.

Some people get stuck forever wearing this label, which can inhibit their overall well-being and healing process. I want to validate you and empower you by telling you that being well can be a choice. If you know your lifestyle isn’t serving you, you can choose to adjust your mindset and begin to make changes.

Despite what you’ve been through, your current circumstances, and where you’re coming from, you are well, you are capable of being well, and you deserve to be well.  


Being Well Requires You to Reduce Your Stress

There are so many daily and continual stresses that are out of our control. For these stresses, I want to hold space. However, there are some stresses that we can choose to let go of. I want to honor the fact that this is highly individualized and very personal, so use your discernment if encouraged with this article.

With this in mind, I want to expand on the fact that reducing your stress can often be a choice. While there are so many stressful events, people, and circumstances that are out of our control, it is what we do with these stressful things that really cause us to be out of balance for an extended period of time.

It is the boundaries we have around it, our resiliency when processing it, and how we move forward from it that cause us great stress. Reducing stress within our control and letting go of what we can’t control not only allows us to achieve mental wellness, but it also allows us to thrive in all the other facets of our life.

As you reduce the stress in your life and release the stress you can’t control, remember that you are well, you are capable of being well, and you deserve to be well.


Being Well Requires you to Simplify Your Foods

There is an assumption that healthy food is more expensive. A healthy diet can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few inexpensive hacks to eating good quality food. Let’s talk about real food. Not food that comes in a box. Processed food is full of unnecessary ingredients that inhibit you from being well. The more simple the ingredients, the less preservatives. You don’t need the extra sugary drinks or packaged snacks, but rather aim for real food that is alive. Here are a few hacks to find these foods on the cheap!

  1. Pick free local produce growing all around you. Check out this resource that gives you the exact location of where to pick free produce. 
  2. Find local farmers that offer cheaper, good quality produce at a reasonable price.
  3. Check out this list of inexpensive healthy foods.


Something to also consider is that what you invest in your health and nutrition financially now, you can mitigate the heavy cost of medical bills in the future.


Being Well Is Within Your Reach

All of these aforementioned strategies to living a life that supports your wellbeing all carry a theme; it is the letting go of old mindsets, unnecessary ingredients, and stress. And these are all free. You don’t have to do anything more than let go. It all begins with a mindset shift that you already know, and you have everything you need within you.


Some Practical Steps To Begin

  1. Go outside more – wherever you are in this world, a breath of fresh air and grounding beneath your feet will serve you.
  2. Practice sleep hygiene – put yourself to bed like you would a baby; quietly, gently prepare a nighttime routine before 10pm.
  3. Let go of negative thoughts – they aren’t serving you, and there are ways to assist with this (CBT therapy, talking with people you trust, daily affirmations).
  4. Eat food that came from the ground – less boxes, more food that you can pronounce!
  5. Drink water – it is so simple, yet easy to forget. Carry a water bottle throughout the day.
  6. Get moving – whether it is a gentle walk everyday or more vigorous activity, move those muscles, ligaments, and joints. 


So my friends, as I close this article, I want to empower you to know that you can do things within your reach to achieve wellness, and it doesn’t cost money, but rather your mindset. You are well, you are capable of being well, and you deserve to be. Go on now and be well.

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