Recently, I have gotten away from shopping at big named stores like Sephora, Ulta, and even places like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom when it comes to my skincare. After quitting my job in Atlanta and the closest big named beauty retailer being 25 miles from my house, I had to justify spending less on my routine but still purchasing quality products. Here’s a list of amazing skincare brands that you can find at Target that you should definitely be on the lookout for:


This brand is probably one of my favorite finds for Target skincare. They are a vegan and cruelty-free line that also puts sustainability at the forefront. According to their website, 92% of their packaging is recyclable through curbside pickup services. This results in diverting 22 tons of plastic from going into landfills when recycled properly.

While recycling products may seem a little tricky, they offer some guidance on their website on how to properly recycle your used favorites. They also offer an ambassador team. This means, you’re able to shop their favorite products and learn more about their ambassadors. Versed offers a skin test as well to help figure out what products would be best for you and your skin. 

My Favorite Product: Baby Cheeks All In One Hydrating Milk – $17.99

The Versed Baby Cheeks is a saving grace when you can’t seem to remember multiple steps in your skincare routine. It is a cleansing milk, makeup remover, and hydrating toner in one. All you would need to add into your skin care routine with this amazing product is an exfoliant and moisturizer. Then you would be all set for a super easy routine.

Honest Beauty

Founded by actress Jessica Alba, this beauty line is sure to impress. Honest was originally started to bring safe products to your family without the risk of irritation to the skin and has set the standard of living up to its name, “Honest”. They offer cruelty-free and mostly naturally derived skincare at a lesser price point that won’t break your bank. 

My Favorite Product: Eczema Soothing Therapy Balm – $14.99

This eczema soothing balm is my go to when I’m having super dry, irritated skin all over. I noticed within a short period of time that my skin seemed to stay super hydrated and moisturized without having a greasy film to it. This is an amazing Target skincare purchase.


skincare brands at Target

This brand carries a wide variety of items like essential oils, vitamins and supplements, bath and body care, haircare, and skin care. I first found out about this brand from their essential oils and really loved how clean and pure their sourcing and ingredients were. With this, their brand is cruelty-free, vegan, and sources their ingredients globally from the regions they are naturally found in. 

My Favorite Product: Vitamin C Serum – $12.99 

Vitamin C is something you should add into your skin care if you haven’t already. Serums are also super buildable and can be used with other serums to make a beautiful skin concoction for your face.I really love this vitamin C serum because it leaves my face feeling radiant and glowy. I noticed a refreshed look to my skin after every use. 

Formula 10.0.6

Skincare found at Target

While this brand is not new to me, it has recently been popping up in the Target skincare section and is worth a mention. Started as a small family ran business in 1933, this skin care line has been formulated year after year to only include ingredients to protect and nourish your skin without costing an arm and a leg. Formula 10.0.6 also offers a “Get to Know Our Ingredients” list on their website to help you familiarize yourself with the ingredients they use which I think makes them stand apart.

My Favorite Product: Total Take Away Skin Purifying Bubble Mask – $9.49

Formula 10.0.6 has never disappointed me. This bubble face mask is my go to when I’m in need of a fix for any breakouts or dullness to my skin. It helps to purify while not being too harsh on the skin. I really enjoy bubble masks because they give my face an interesting tingle and they’re fun to watch develop on the skin as they get super bubbly. 

Derma E

This brand is also not a newbie for me. Derma E has always grabbed my attention when walking down the isles of Ulta. And now it has started slowly popping up at Target as well. They got their start in a local health food store in Southern California.

Derma E has since grown to be featured in many different stores and are continuously growing. They also strive to do better for the environment and use ingredients that are natural and wont cause irritation. As if this brand couldn’t get ANY better, they also give back to charities and their community.

My Favorite Product: Derma E Hydrating Cleanser – $15.49

This cleanser is one of my favorites due to it being super hydrating. In the summer and winter, my skin needs more hydration from being in the sun and from the cold dryness. It cleanses my face while giving me the sip of hydration my skin needs. 

SLMD Skincare

Target Skincare

This line was started by Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper. She’s easily one of my favorite guilty pleasures on youtube and trying her products really set a tone with me. Since her products are formulated by her, I felt a little more trusting in the brand due to the fact that she IS a doctor.

My Favorite Product: BP Spot – $24.99

This acne spot treatment is a must have on my list. Pesky pimples are simply no match and they seem to vanish within days. The price may be steep for such a little amount of product. But I have to remind myself that it was made by a dermatologist and I wouldn’t be using it everyday. 


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