These days when all of us are advised to practice social distancing, we are forced to think of unique ways to spend our time and try our best to maintain our routines while at home. And for some of us, going to the gym or a fitness class is what we miss the most now that we have to practice social distancing. But online workouts are the way of the future! And now is a better time than any to give it a try. 

Want to check out what the world of virtual fitness looks like? Here are some of our top picks for at-home workouts: 


With their promise of convenience, affordability, and accessibility, Wellbeats is one of the most engaging fitness apps you can count on when you want to work out virtually using your Android or Apple devices.

Their helpful selections of unique workouts are perfect for days full of being self-quarantined! You’ll get right into your rhythm with customized training programs and over 400 virtual fitness classes available for streaming right to your smart TV or laptop.

Wellbeats can kind of be like the Netflix to your fitness needs. It caters to every age group and comes with a huge variety of channels that also feature great recipes (yum!). Filters are user-friendly so you can instantly pick out the best workout that’s right for you whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore gym guru. You can also choose sessions ranging from 10 to 50 minutes, as well as a list of certified instructors who will ensure that you’re well on your way to your fitness goals, right in the coziness of your own home.

Interested? Download Wellbeats now and choose which fitness plan fits you perfectly. After a two-week free trial period, all it takes is $14.99 a month or $99 per year to start working out from home!      


Most people find it hard to take that first step towards their fitness goals, but Aaptiv Fitness Audio promises to make it easier. With personalized online workouts that are filtered based on your fitness needs, this app is an awesome option for people wanting to give at-home fitness a go! 

Aaptiv features over 2,500 on-demand workouts in 12 different categories, which are created and instructed by certified trainers. The app definitely covers whatever fitness needs you have, and even allows you to use workouts without wifi with its pre-download function. 

Be it a seven-minute break or a full session, you’ll get your money’s worth. Rates start at $14.99 per month or $99 per year. You can also get a seven-day free trial if you want to check out the challenges first.        

Yoga with Dana Falsetti

Yoga with Dana is an online yoga subscription platform with a “pay what you want” price tag! Her minimum is $5/month, but the rest is up to you! She has every type of yoga workout imaginable, ranging from full-body power sweat to a relaxing chair yoga sequence.

She believes that anyone can do yoga, they just have to find what is right for them. Her video classes also range in length, from 15 minutes to a full hour. And if you want helpful videos on shifting your mindset and pursuing wellness, she has plenty of those as well!

Les Mills: On Demand At-Home Workouts

If you get a kick out of high-intensity workouts, then Les Mills’s  is your virtual-fitness answer.  This exhilarating workout experience definitely redefines getting fit! 

You can choose from strength training, kick boxing, martial arts, high-intensity cardio, yoga flow, dance fitness, and more! And if you’re interested in really committing to these programs, you can order specific equipment to fill your at-home gym (although the price runs high on many of these).

Explore Les Mills membership packages that start at $9.99 per month (if paid annually) and go up to $15 per month. Each level features a 14-day trial period!

The Mirror: Luxury At-Home Workout (higher price tag)

The Mirror is a personalized instruction tool and application that lets you burn those calories via face-to-face training with a virtual instructor without having to leave home. 

With workouts that range from yoga to weight training, this ‘nearly invisible home gym’ is perfect when you want to experience virtual fitness right in your own living room.

Choose from live or on-demand sessions in private with The Mirror’s in-app features, or by connecting your smartphone. No worries about setting it up, because the process is super easy. Plus, you can even enjoy some fabulously curated playlists or make one of your own. 

The Mirror sells for a whopping $1495, or around $45/month with a payment plan. It ain’t cheap, but some people may find it worth the investment.


What are some of your favorite virtual fitness programs?


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