One of the things I’ve noticed since getting into astrology is that we really do love hearing about ourselves. Whether it’s something we believe to be true or not. Anytime I tell a Capricorn that they’re probably very hard-working, or I tell a Leo that people most likely find them charming, I’m met with a smile and usually asked to tell them a little more. I even find that people don’t mind hearing some of the negative traits associated with their sign, because we’re all fascinated with learning about ourselves and what makes us tick. Using numerology to discover your Life Path Number is different than astrology, but it’s another avenue of learning. And it’s somewhat woo-woo… so I’m into it.

Why Would I Want to Know My Life Path Number?

Numerology involves using your birth date to figure out different things about yourself, including your life path number. Why would you want to know your Life Path Number? I’m glad you asked, here are some possible reasons you might want to know it:

  • If you enjoy learning about your astrology chart and want another fun thing to use to learn about yourself (and feel different and unique, which we all enjoy if we’re being honest)
  •  If you’re curious to know what your life’s purpose is and what mission you’re on earth to fulfill (big stuff, I know)
  • If you want to be prepared for what obstacles you may face and perhaps what negative traits you can work on in order to complete the above-mentioned life purpose.

How Do I Find My Life Path Number?

The great news about calculating your Life Path number is that you just need your date of birth (no time and no place). Then, all you need to do is some simple math. it can seem complicated, but I promise it’s easier than it sounds. I’m going to show you how to calculate it, and because it’s 2020, there are also websites where you just punch in your birthdate and it will automatically tell you.

Here is an example birthday that I’ll break down, November 28th, 1990: So for the numbers, we have 11 (Month-November) 28 (Day) 1990 (year)

Step 1: Add the numbers of the month together until you have a single-digit number, in this case, it will be 1 + 1 = 2 (for most of the months that step will be pretty simple since it’s already a single digit)

Step 2: Add the numbers of the day together until you have a single-digit, in this example, it will be 2 + 8 = 10 (still a double-digit so we add these together) 1 + 0 = 1

Step 3: Add the numbers of the year together until you have a single-digit

1 + 9 +9 +0 = 19 (it needs to be single-digit so add again) 1 + 9 = 10 and as we know from above 1 + 0 = 1

I hope you’re still with me…now we add the three single-digit numbers together until we reduce it all down to one number (hint: it’s your Life Path Number!)

Step 4: 2 (single-digit month) + 1 (single-digit day) + 1 (single-digit year) = 4 (if this is your birthday your life path number is 4!) If you go to add these for your own birthday and the end result is a double digit-number, then you add those together to find your life path number (basically keep reducing down to single-digits).

Life Path numbers are 1-9, and then there are what’s called Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 (I know, I know, I said this is simple but stick with me). So if you do this last step and end up with 11, 22, or 33, you will not reduce down to a single-digit, but only for those three numbers.  

So What Does My Number Mean?

Then comes the exciting part! Once you have your life path number, there are so many resources, articles, and pieces of information out there about what your specific number means. I am going to list a few key points for each number, but I definitely encourage you to research more (especially now that you’ve done all this math). 

Life Path # 1: Driven and independent, you can achieve great things once you focus your goals and energy. Need to learn: To go with the flow and allow others to lead from time to time. 

Life Path # 2: You’re all about connection and relationships, you’re warm-hearted and highly sensitive. Need to learn: How to speak up for yourself and give yourself the same love and care you give others. 

Life Path # 3: Extremely positive, fun, and charming, you naturally put people at ease and people like to talk to you. Need to learn: That being responsible and realistic doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

Life Path # 4: Hard-working and organized, you are the person that gets things done and is most likely employee of the year. Need to learn: How to relax and give your mind a break.  

Life Path # 5: You love freedom and adventure and crave constant change. Spontaneous road trip? You’re in! Need to learn: Some kind of routine or focus can be good for keeping you grounded, it doesn’t mean you’re not free. 

Life Path # 6: Nurturing and caring, you’re most likely kind of a homebody and enjoy being part of a community. Need to learn: There’s a line between compassion and smothering, make sure your love of service is directed in the right places. 

Life Path # 7: You’re somewhat of a mystic, drawn to the spiritual side of life and you cherish your alone time (aka the person thriving amid stay at home orders) Need to learn: To open up to others a little more, you don’t need lots of friends but one good one can be just what your soul needs. 

Life Path # 8: One word: Ambitious. The number 8 represents wealth, and if this is your number, you are probably good at making money. Need to Learn: To channel your power and know that true wealth isn’t just about money. 

Life Path # 9: Friendly, compassionate, and generous. You probably feel best when your career is in alignment with your personal values. Need to learn: That you’re not responsible for others and to live in the present. 

(These last three are considered Master Numbers, I’m not going to go into too much detail but if this is you, I encourage you to read more about them because they’re pretty cool!)

Life Path # 11: You are a dreamer and have a healing quality about you. You’re artistic, creative, and intuitive. Need to learn: To ground your nervous energy with practices like meditation and yoga. 

Life Path # 22: You’re a visionary able to manifest big things that will also benefit others. You embrace the spiritual side of life and feel that you’re meant to build something of meaning. Need to learn: To stop being your own worst critic and to let others in on your process. 

Life Path # 33: This is a rare life path number to have, you may be extremely spiritual and put on earth to teach others how to love. This is not always an easy number to have! Need to learn: How to stay true to yourself and not let the bad things in life steer you off course. 


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