Recently, I have been seeing Naturelab Tokyo everywhere. I see them featured in ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.. you name the social media platform and I’ve probably seen it featured somewhere on that app. After finding out that Ulta was now carrying this intriguing brand, I decided to take a look into what it was all about.

Being someone who knows a ton about hair products and what all they can do, I was excited to learn about what Naturelab could offer the consumer. Starting in 1997, founder Rosa Takagi’s dream was to integrate and harmonize traditional Japanese beauty and clean technology. They have since made this dream into a reality and have created a botanical hair care line that seems to be hot talk around the world. Below are some Yays and Nays Naturelab. Tokyo has to offer with their hair care products. 

Yays of Naturelab. Tokyo

Naturelab. Tokyo

The most interesting fact that I found while researching this brand is that all of their ingredients are made from organic plant stem cells. Featuring apple, bamboo, argan, and grape stem cells, their products all have such amazing wonders and benefits to them.

The apple stem cells restore the natural pH balance to the scalp while also restoring necessary moisture to maintain shine and prevent premature hair loss. With the bamboo stem cells, you’re getting strength added back into hair to help prevent breakage and promote healthy hair growth. As we all know, grapes are a healthy source of antioxidants. Products featuring the grape stem cells help reduce oxidative damage to the scalp papilla that revitalize and adds shine to the hair.

Most interesting to me was the argan stem cells. They help stimulate hair growth and renewal at a cellular level. Most of the time, products that say they do such tend to be very pricey and don’t work as well as they say they do. The cool thing about this is that all of their products are formulated by a team of botanical scientists and cosmetic chemists. This lets me know that while they may say that their products repair hair on a cellular level, they have the scientific knowledge to back that fact up. 

Another big plus for me is that all NatureLab products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and other harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and the environment. They also do not test on animals, which is another huge plus.

The last Yay for me is the fact that with all of the technology you’re paying for, you’re getting the product at a VERY decent price point. Most of their products range from between $12 and $16 and their refills for the shampoos and conditioners are $22. With this, you’re getting 11.5 fl oz of product in both the shampoos and conditioners, 22.9 fl oz of product in the refills and 1.7 to 4 fl oz with their styling products.

To me, this is a phenomenal price point for the amount of product you’re getting with each item. Most shampoos and conditioners with similar botanical elements run on the more expensive end of the spectrum. It’s nice to see a botanical brand that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for their products. 

Nays of Naturelab. Tokyo

While Naturelab Tokyo has won my heart over, I do have some cons with the brand that hold me back just a little. While I love how the brand is future-forward with the botanical technology they offer, I feel as if the line may be too botanical for those who have a high expectation for their hair care routine. It may not do enough for those with an intensive routine like myself.

The only other qualm I have with this brand is that the line itself is very limited with everything they offer. Because they’ve been around since 1997, I expected the line to be a little more diverse with the products offered. That just isn’t the case. Featuring only four types of shampoos and conditioners, one repairing treatment, and five styling products, it may feel like a bit of a let down to some. I’m hoping that with the brand being featured in Ulta, that it’ll give them the exposure needed to grow the range of products they offer and help them grow further as a brand. 


Naturelab. Tokyo Products I’m Excited to Try 

Smooth Hair Oil – $16.00 

For me, having a good hair oil is a necessity. I have extremely unruly hair and it frizzes at any chance it gets. With only washing my hair once to twice a week, taming my hair with an oil helps to get rid of any fly aways and adds moisture back into the hair when not using conditioner on a regular basis. Most of the hair oils I use retail between $18 and $45, so finding ones like this oil from Naturelab Tokyo that actually work well and are on the lower end of my price point is always a plus. 

Repair Shampoo – $14.00

I like to joke that my hair looks best when it has a little bit of chemical damage, but keeping my hair in a healthy state is always on my list of concerns when it comes to hair care items. I am always trying to find a good reparative shampoo that I can use in between washes with my purple shampoo. With this repair shampoo having ingredients to restore the hair on a cellular level featuring the plant stem cells, I feel like this would be a good option for me. 


Overall, Naturelab Tokyo gets a Yay from me. While there are some things I’m not fond of, I feel like the brand itself deserves all the hype they’re getting based on how green they are as a company. If you’ve tried Naturelab Tokyo, I would love your feedback on the brand and what products you think are worth the purchase.

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