Being a blonde can sometimes be a struggle. Not wanting golden, brassy tones seems to be ever so popular with growing fashion trends. Purple shampoos are a great way to combat those pesky, unwanted tones. The question is WHICH purple shampoos are the best?

The reason why purples work so best on yellow, brassy tones is all based on color theory. If we look at a color wheel, purple (also known as violet) is directly across from yellow. This means they’re complementary colors. They cancel each other out and neutralize. Below is a list of all my favorite purple shampoos and why I enjoy them so much. 


Barcelona by Pulp Riot –  $34.00 

purple shampoo

Barcelona is at the top of my list for so many different reasons. Pulp Riot is easily one of my favorite hair care lines and professional color lines to use, and they never disappoint. Even the warmest blonde could use this purple shampoo and get amazing results and tone an extraordinary amount of brass out of the hair.

The shampoo itself is very heavily concentrated and pigmented. A little bit definitely goes a long way and you could easily mix Barcelona with your favorite shampoo to tone the concentration and pigment down if you so wish. This shampoo is also a great pair with their purple conditioner, Belfast


Tone It Down! By Eva NYC – $11.99

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Pulp Riot shampoo I mentioned above has a special place in my heart.. But this Eva NYC purple shampoo gives it a run for its money! I go through shampoos relatively quickly and change up my hair care routine ever so often. When I switched to this purple beaut, I noticed that it’s very similar to PR’s Barcelona. Not only is it easier on your wallet, but you still get the same benefits as you would with Barcelona. The main differences that i’ve noticed between the two is that the Eva NYC shampoo tends to be a little more drying and it doesn’t have as much pigment as what Pulp Riot’s. 


Blondeshell by Keratin Complex – $26.00

If you’re a blonde baddie in need of a keratin safe shampoo, this purple shampoo is a must have. While it is not as pigmented as the two mentioned above, this lilac colored daydream is great for those who need a little “umph” to their hair and don’t want to risk ruining their keratin treatment with sulfates and other more harsher cleansing agents. It does a great job of neutralizing the hair without toning it too much. Not only does it work extremely well, but it smells absolutely divine. 


Alchemic Silver by Davines – $27.00

purple shampoo

Would it really be a hair article if I didn’t feature at least ONE Davines product? This purple shampoo easily gets away from me when it comes time to purchase a new purple shampoo. I always forget how much I enjoyed using it when I was in a salon that carried their products.

The one thing that differentiates this purple shampoo between the millions of other ones out there is that it is SUPER hydrating. I always feel like my hair needs a huge gulp of moisture whenever I use any other purple shampoo and I don’t have that issue with Alchemic. It’s also heavily pigmented and does a phenomenal job of toning. Not to mention, the brand itself is also very clean. 


Bust Your Brass by Amika – $24.00

I have used Bust Your Brass for a few years now and have yet to be disappointed with the results this shampoo has given me. The consistency of this shampoo is a little thinner than I would prefer after using both Alchemic and Barcelona. I tend to feel like I go through it a little faster than I do other shampoos on this list, but overall it gives me the desired look that I am trying to achieve. 


Invigo Blonde Recharge by Wella – $16.50

When I was a blonde and in beauty school, this purple shampoo was my absolute go to for toning out brass in blondes. It has a relatively hydrating formula and is super pigmented for its price point. The only major qualm I personally have with this shampoo is that I‘m not too crazy about how it smells. It gives me massive old lady vibes and I can’t really get down with it. If smells don’t bother you, this is definitely one to try.


Blonde Ale by Drybar – $27.00

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Not only does Drybar give amazing blowouts, but their products are worth every penny. Their Blonde Ale brightening shampoo really does wonders for toning brassy hair without risk of it turning a pale lavender. Not only does this shampoo help tone blondes, but it also has keratin to add extra moisture to the hair and smooth it out. This is great for those who struggle to find enough hydration while being a blondie. 

A note about using purple shampoo…

All the shampoos listed above are some of my favorites, but there are some things to keep in mind when using purple based shampoos and conditioners. If you notice your hair seems to be more orange toned than yellow, have no fear. A blue-based shampoo would be a better fit for you.

Another way to maintain blonde and keep it from turning a pale lavender is by not using your purple shampoos and conditioners TOO much. While they do have a ton of benefits, using a purple based shampoo too much can cause your hair to dry out too much, turn a soft pastel lavender, or become over keratinized, depending on which shampoo you use.

Take into consideration how often you’re shampooing your hair and have both a regular shampoo and a purple shampoo to switch off every other time you decide to shampoo your hair. If your favorite purple based shampoo wasn’t on this list, we would love to hear about which one it is and why you love it so much!

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