We are living in uncertain times with the spread of the coronavirus and racial injustice, while trying to adjust to the new normal of social distancing and quarantining. Many of us choose to escape from all of today’s problems from time to time with TV, games, online shopping, and music. For me, music has been a huge source of comfort this year. It helps keep me centered before Zoom calls and it provides a time of peace when I’m ready for a much needed break in my day. Some people may feel like music is a small thing, but during this pandemic, it has given me hope that this crisis will be over soon. I specifically found comfort while listening to D-Nice’s Instagram Live Parties, Verzuz Battles, and Chloe X Halle

Even though the world may be trying to move on from this pandemic, I am still cautious about going back to my usual functions. I’m honestly still really scared of COVID, especially after seeing so many people lose family members to this disease. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t constantly miss going out with my friends, singing, and dancing at this karaoke bar called Christian’s Tailgate here in Houston, Texas.

Thankfully though, DJ D-Nice started his weekly IG quarantine concerts. D-Nice has “Club Quarantine” on Saturday nights and so many people stop by to listen to some of their favorite songs. I remember one of the first nights that I tuned into Club Quarantine, and tons of celebrities were in his comments and enjoying themselves, something that strangely made me feel connected to other people. It was such an amazing experience to have a moment to just relax and enjoy the company of good music. If you miss going to the clubs like me, Club Quarantine is a way to make your own club at home, something that brought me pieces of joy during the pandemic that I never expected. And, you even get the benefits of a club while you dance around the living room, but without bumping into people, spilling your overpriced drink, or worrying about COVID. When my mom had her birthday in July, we didn’t throw a big function at the house like we normally do. Instead, I brought some food and put on D-Nice. After staying at home for so long, she truly enjoyed having the sounds of the playlist and had a blast on her birthday even though it was different than every other year. 

I grew up listening to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. Back in my high school days, I would listen to Jill Scott and sing Golden as loud as I possibly could around my house. During these times of staying home, this song still feels relevant in my life and still energizes me throughout each day. I first knew of Erykah Badu’s music because of her song Tyrone, but listening to her music during quarantine has made me appreciate her music now more than ever. Because of my love for these two artists, I was so excited about the Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu Verzuz Battle on Instagram Live.

I made sure to clear my entire Saturday night so that I could hear these two beautiful musicians come together. Every song they played was off some of their greatest hits, and it didn’t feel like a battle between the two at all. I was dancing, singing along, all while in the comfort of my bedroom. What would have cost $200 was free for the night and it was well worth the wait. The energy they both brought was so supportive and comforting, especially with everything going on in the world. It was an escape for two hours of good vibes, music, and fun. It was also a  great time to chat and connect with some of my online friends and discuss the music that has changed the shape of our world. 

It can be difficult to get out of bed these days, let alone be productive. Aside from the Instagram live concerts that have brought me joy and comfort, there have also been a few albums that have been a great distraction for me during this pandemic. The one album I have been listening to on repeat is Chloe X Halle’s Ungodly Hour. Their songs put you in a vibe that switches a bad mood to a good mood after a long day. I listen to their songs right after I take a shower while doing my skincare routine and I feel so relaxed. I have always been a fan of Chloe X Halle since I saw them on Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. I have been waiting for them to have their time to shine and happy they’re getting the recognition they deserve. I have been loving their performances for awards shows and the visuals they bring to their songs.

Music has been a lifesaver during these times of staying at home and not being able to be with my friends. The year is not over yet, and we still have potentially difficult times on the horizon. Music will always be there for me and will always give me comfort during this pandemic and tough moments to come. But, I know better days are coming and we just have to hold on and share the music that is getting us by. We will make it through. 


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