When it comes to skincare, I’m a sucker for natural remedies and routines. I have found a cleanser, toner, a couple of serums, and a night cream that work best for my combination skin, but I truly believe in adding natural supplements to the mix – specifically ones you can find at the grocery store or in your cabinet at home.

Manuka honey is the holy grail of kitchen items that you can put on your face for ideal if not surprising results. As someone who has dealt with acne for a good amount of time, I swear by Manuka honey and slather it on my face once a week for the following reasons:

  1. Manuka honey boasts anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a true knight in shining armor for acne. It’s created by bees that pollinate New Zealand tea tree bushes and we all know that tea tree is another great natural option for healing acne!
  2. My skin looks visibly brighter after leaving a layer of Manuka honey on for 20-30 minutes. My pores look clean as well.
  3. The consistency of Manuka honey is different from the honey that comes in a bear-shaped bottle. It’s less sticky and easier to apply and wash off.
  4. It tastes good!

You can find Manuka honey at Trader Joe’s or on Amazon. A couple of things to look out for when you’re shopping around:

  • The bottle should have a UMF stamp: This entails that it has been reviewed by the UMF Honey Association in NZ – they’re the organization that grants licenses to Manuka Honey manufacturers that meet a specific set of standards.
  • The bottle should have a K Factor of 10+: The K Factor number entails purity, antibacterial and antioxidant levels amongst other important characteristics. A K Factor of 8-14 means that the honey is of medium quality while a K Factor of 18-22 is the highest quality version of Manuka Honey. Aim for a bottle of Manuka honey that boasts a higher K Factor – your skin deserves the best!

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