Stephanie Campbell is an interior stylist, yoga instructor, and lover of all things energy. She recently sat with us to share her expertise on Feng Shui styling in an easy, affordable way. Here’s what she had to say.


In today’s world, it seems more and more people have a growing interest in all kinds of energy teachings – Reiki, Astrology, Sound Healing, Ayurveda, Feng Shui, and more.

When it comes to something like Feng Shui, I find that a lot of people are overwhelmed by it because there is so much information and so many teachings on the correct way to do it. But I think it’s ok to start small, do what you can with what you have, and then add on as you go.

I am the world’s biggest homebody, so for me it has always been important to ensure my home is a space where I can rest and breathe easily. If you’re a busy person that doesn’t get as much time at home, it’s equally important because the time you do get at home is precious.

You don’t have to be perfect at it to successfully Feng Shui! It’s okay if your kids or pets mess it up, and it’s okay if you share a home with roommates and only have a tiny corner to call your own- you can still Feng Shui! 

Here are 5 simple ways to work with the energy of your home without having to go out and buy anything out of the ordinary.

Feng Shui Tip #1: Clean and declutter your front door space

Your front door is important in Feng Shui because it’s where energy enters and leaves your home. One of the simplest ways to increase your home’s energy is to clean and declutter, ensuring that your front door is free of clutter and easily accessible.

This also includes the outside of your front door, clearing out any debris and washing the dirt off the door. A simple and cheap way to refresh your front door energy is by mixing water, vinegar, and lemon juice together and wiping everything down with it – the doorknob, door, trim, and the threshold.

Feng Shui Tip #2: Make your bedroom a peaceful, cozy oasis

Good sleep is so important, and getting a great night’s rest is a wonderful way to recharge. Each part of our homes serves a purpose, and if you haven’t been enjoying deep peaceful sleep, your bedroom can be a great place to add Feng Shui.

Oftentimes our bedrooms are not set up for serenity. And as beautiful as plants are, they actually add energy to a room! In certain rooms that’s a good thing, but in the bedroom, it can add to a busy mind or the feeling of restlessness when you try to shut off and sleep. Side note: if you love plants and have to have them in your bedroom, fear not. The most important thing is to have your home the way you want it. Even eliminating a few plants can help calm the energy.

Think of ways you can create a peaceful oasis in your room: soft and cozy blankets, colors that soothe you, preferably no tv and electronics but if that’s not possible maybe a piece of art in front of the tv. When you go to bed, put your cell phone charging across the room vs on your nightstand.

Feng Shui Tip #3: Find the center of your home

In Feng Shui there is a map called the Bagua (It’s easy to find a Bagua map online, and my go to is the one from Astro Twins)This is one of the main ways Eastern and Western Feng Shui differ. In classical (Eastern) teachings, you use a compass to find the North and South directions of your home, and then use the Bagua accordingly. In the West, your front door always acts as the front of the Bagua map.

It can be confusing, especially if you have a tricky layout or oddly shaped floor plan. Again, start small and do the best you can! In the center of the Bagua is the Health and Well-Being area of your home, your home’s energy center. Your front door is where energy comes in and out, and the center of your home is where you keep energy circulating to all other areas of your home.

Our homes have their own energy, which affects our personal energy and relationships. So if you feel stuck or stagnant, this could be a good place to look! You might find that it’s a closet, or bathroom, or in my case just the empty space in front of the living room tv. If this space is a closet, it’s extra important to make sure it’s organized and clean. If it’s a bathroom, you can increase the energy by ensuring the faucets aren’t leaky, the space is clean, and you could add plants (maybe the ones you removed from the bedroom!), candles, crystals, or anything that makes you feel good. In my case, there is an ottoman in this spot and I try to keep a colorful throw on top with a tray full of candles and fresh flowers when I have them.

Feng Shui Tip #4: Focus on abundance

Let’s go back to the Bagua. If you stand at your front door and find the farthest left corner, that’s your Wealth and Abundance area. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we say wealth or abundance is money, which most of us wouldn’t mind adding some energy to. But there are many other forms of abundance.

Again if you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in the area of abundance, this left corner can be a great area to add some focus to your Feng Shui. One of my favorite things to make and put here is a wealth bowl! It’s very simple: you find a bowl (or maybe a basket, but preferably one you like the look of), and then you fill it with symbols of wealth.

This can be literal items of wealth like paper money and coins, play money, fake diamonds or jewels, or it can be symbolic. In mine, I added written affirmations and words on brightly colored paper that make me feel abundant. I also added pictures of people I love, concert tickets, an earring I loved but lost its match, all kinds of odds and ends. I placed the bowl on a shelf, and just seeing it would make me happy and remind me of how wealthy I am.

Feng Shui Tip #5: Don’t forget about love and romance

I don’t feel like I can make a list of Feng Shui tips and not mention the Love and Romance area. There’s enough songs sung about it, books written about it, and series of the Bachelor aired to know it’s on people’s minds. And with Feng Shui, we can actually activate this area of our home and lives!

The Love and Romance area is on the opposite side of your wealth area. If you stand at your front door, it’s the farthest back right corner. For the past few years, every single apartment I rented had a bathroom in this corner, which is supposedly not great. But I’ve made the best of it, so don’t worry if yours is in another not so romantic spot.

One of the first things to do in this area (whether you’re looking for love or want to help the energy in your current relationship) is to make sure there are no pictures or images of sad people or solo items. The first time I did this I was amazed to find that almost all the art in my home featured one solo person!

This corner especially is a great place to feature art with happy couples, people or animals in pairs, or just art that makes you happy when you look at it. It’s also a good idea to have things in pairs like two candles vs one, or two flowers in a vase vs one solo bloom. Again, filling your home with items you love that make you feel good when you see them is key.

For me, this means crystals, candles, and flowers but for you, it could be anything! If you’re seriously looking to activate love and romance in your life, it will not hurt to add some red or pink in this area (if you hate those colors I’m sorry. I didn’t write the rules!). If you love those colors you could paint an accent wall, incorporate them in your shower curtain or add art in those shades. If you’re not a fan, you can add them in a subtle way that will still be beneficial – you could tape a small note written on a red piece of paper to the inside of your medicine cabinet or place one small rose quartz crystal in a corner where you won’t even see it.


Side Bar: If you’re thinking, “hey I thought you said we didn’t need to buy anything for Feng Shui??” You’re right. You can use what you have. I have crystals and candles around the house and if I don’t have flowers, I cut greenery from outside. The point is to use items around your house that you love, whether it’s a framed picture of your dog or a postcard from somewhere you’ve traveled.

If you don’t have lemon and vinegar for your front door, you could clean it with hot soapy water. Feng Shui doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s advised to make it your own and have fun!

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