If you have a social media account, then you know it can be a drag. A drag on your mental and emotional health, and mindless scrolling can lead to other funky habits. The last thing I want to encourage you to do if you are feeling totally disconnected and lonely is to look for your cure in your phone. I don’t mean to go Star Wars on you, but the force is within you. So much of the foundation of loving yourself begins with the easily overlooked basics; feed yourself nutritious food, drink good quality water, practice good sleep hygiene, move your body, breathe intentionally, and don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts.

Let’s be honest, February shall be the foundational groundwork to love thyself. *Cue Beyonce with single ladies.* Begin by setting a goal everyday to tackle the aforementioned basics. The way you show up for yourself is the way you show up for others. Let me say that louder for the people in the back; the way you show up for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, is the way you show up for your partner(s), family, friends, and your children. You can only give to others what you are giving to yourself. If you are practicing self love in these tangible ways, then maybe an occasional jaunt on the ole gram can actually be uplifting for you. There are some incredibly encouraging and inspiring accounts that can pave the way for your self growth; but first I want to begin with encouraging you to do a cleanup.



Start With Spring Cleaning

Go through your Instagram followers and tidy it up a bit. Maybe you need a total overhaul, or maybe you just need to dust the mantle. Either way, perusing through your content to see how you feel about yourself, or should I say thyself, in order to create awareness about the content you are consuming can be really enlightening. Unfollow any negative accounts or accounts that make you you feel:

  1. Less than who you are
  2. Like you’re not measuring up to what you ‘should’ be
  3. As though you are defective
  4. Drained after seeing it

Visit the Instagram page, take a second to see how you feel, and Marie-Kondo that account. This is something that can change through different seasons of your life, but is a healthy way to maintain boundaries with social media for the betterment of your mental health.



These Accounts Will Help You Love Thyself


Mentally/Emotionally – Hillary McBride

Hillary McBride is a therapist, author, speaker, researcher, and podcaster from Canada. She has her PhD. and much of her work has been focused on embodiment, psychology, and spirituality. She is at the intersection of a few mental health avenues and is an empathetic presence on her podcast ‘Other People’s Problems,’ where we get to hear her therapy sessions in action. Her Instagram is inclusive, empowering, informative, and gentle in the sense that it is vulnerable and honest with tidbits of helpful ways to stay emotionally present and healthy. I have understood depression more, felt more empowered to strengthen my emotional-somatic connection, and enjoyed her book recommendations. I’ll be visiting her Instagram with a cup of tea and a blanket pretty regularly, thank you very much.


Physically – Lizzo

I have never felt more encouraged to love my body so intentionally and deeply than after visiting Lizzo’s Instagram. She has been chronicling her exercise program amidst her inclusive body perspective and self-love regimen, and I have loved it all. There is nothing more draining than seeing a fitness account showing how they achieved their ideal body and showing the most filtered and perfect poses. If these accounts are for you, then more power to you. I, however, have enjoyed how refreshing it is to see someone workout and love her body just as she is, wherever she is, by showing us how. It gives us permission to do the same. If you want to love thyself physically, check this queen out.


Spiritually – Rising Woman

If you haven’t already seen Rising Woman or stumbled upon their account, you must have just created your account last week. Rising Woman is an account founded by Sheleana Aiyana. It is centered around healing, conscious relationships, and how spirituality is the common denominator with both. From astrology to our relational patterns, I follow and visit this account regularly for spiritual self-revelations and the reminder that we are all somehow connected. Let the light in me honor the light in you.


Nutritionally – Maya Feller

Maya Feller is a registered dietitian nutritionist. Her content is informative and practical. Her energy is light and I feel beckoned to be my best self physically when I see her posts. She shares her nutritional insight and also posts exercises that are gentle on the body and feel so achievable. Not to mention, she is glowing with vitality and I want to know her secret! I would honestly love to sit down and chat with her about all things health and wellness, including the disparity in our culture between overly obsessed and underly obsessed with health; she does a great job making a balance feel tangible. For now, I’ll be liking and sharing.


Sexually – Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a force to be reckoned with. She is a Belgian psychotherapist, author, and speaker who is strong, concise, and full of compassion. I first heard her speak on her podcast, Where Should We Begin. This is where I was introduced to the term ‘erotic intelligence,’ and the beautiful complexity of weaving intimacy with sex. In her podcast, she opens up her couples therapy sessions with the listener. From the dynamics of different couples with a multitude of backgrounds and lifestyles, to the depths of intimacy, pleasure, and desire, there is much to learn about our sexual selves through her work. Her Instagram is smattered with healthful tips to love thyself sexually-through creativity, touch, desire, and erotic-self-care. You can get a taste of her dynamic perspective and work regarding sex and sexuality from this question she responded to about porn here. In the meanwhile, I’ll see you on her Instagram.


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