The Ordinary is honestly anything but ordinary. I can’t open any app without seeing the brand “The Ordinary” featured somewhere on it. This brand has become increasingly popular due to how affordable it is and how the quality of the products seems to be on par with other brands that are on the higher end of the spectrum in cost. I decided to change up my entire skin care routine to only products by them and here are my thoughts on this newer and exciting brand. 


The YAYs of The Ordinary

The biggest advantage is that The Ordinary’s products are super inexpensive. When I asked my mom how much she thought I spent on my entire skin care routine, she estimated over $100. I only spent $46 flat. This allows for those who can’t drop $100 on a moisturizing face oil or retinol serum to have the quality skin care they deserve.

The reason why they’re so cost effective is due to them focusing on only necessary ingredients. This also means you know what’s going on to your skin. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary additives in your skincare irritating your skin. 


The NAYs of The Ordinary

While The Ordinary offers so many benefits, be weary if you have sensitive skin. Not all of the products will be a right fit for you. When I tested the Caffeine Solution on my boyfriend’s under eye area, he had a severe burning reaction.

They also purchase ingredients in bulk to keep costs down. Doing this can result in their products not working as well as similar products offered by higher-end brands. This was something I was worried about going in to change my entire skin care routine.

Building a skin care routine is daunting. Unless you have a firm understanding of how skin care products work, building the right routine is very esoteric. Even with a background in Cosmetology and a skin care/makeup enthusiast, I even struggled with coming up with the proper routine to fit my needs.   


The Ordinary Products I Used in My New Skincare Routine

Squalene Cleanser – $7.90

I honestly am still trying to figure out if I enjoy the Squalene Cleanser. Because it doesn’t lather like a typical cleanser, I find it a little more difficult to apply to my skin. I’m used to most cleansers having ingredients in them that emulsify. It’s definitely a learning curve for me but might be the perfect product for someone else! It has a very milky consistency and is great for all skin types. It’s super gentle on the face and great at removing any residue or makeup left on the face from the day. 


The Buffet – $14.80

This peptide serum is a holy grail product in my bathroom right now. Not only is it super lightweight, but it glides onto the skin with ease. The Buffet is used to help prevent the appearance of  wrinkling and helps improve the look of firmness to the skin. For someone who isn’t struggling with wrinkling right now, it’s still great preventative care.


Caffeine Solution 5% & EGCG – $6.70

Within the first use, I fell absolutely in LOVE with the Caffeine Solution. When applied, I felt a slight tingly sensation. This product can be used with all of their other products and is great for those who suffer from under eye circles and puffiness around the eye area. 


100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil – $9.80

The Rose Hip is not a complete sell for me. For my skin, it was just a little heavy for my combo skin to handle. However, it’s still a wonderful face oil for those who suffer from extremely dry skin. Not only does this oil boost hydration, but it also has anti-aging properties in it as well! 


Vitamin C Suspension 30% Silicone – $6.80

Unfortunately, my time with this product was short lived. Within seconds of putting it on my face, I had an intense burning sensation all across where I had applied the product. Upon further research, I realized that the Vitamin C Suspension I was using wasn’t supposed to be mixed with the Buffet peptides. This could have easily been avoided had I looked at The Ordinary’s website where they offer a Regimen Guide. While I wish I could have used this product more, I couldn’t risk further irritation to my skin with the other products that I was using.  


Things I Noticed in My Skin That Changed

While using all other products listed above, I noticed a drastic increase of moisture to my skin. I no longer struggled with patches of dry areas running rampant across my face. My makeup was also going on a lot smoother and my skin had less texture to it than when I first started using The Ordinary.

The Buffet is definitely one of two products that I’ve purchased from The Ordinary that I’ve fallen in love with thus far. While I currently don’t suffer from any signs of aging, it’s always a good idea to start sooner than later with preventative care!

The Caffeine Solution is the other of the two that I cannot part ways with. It leaves my under eye area feeling hydrated and awake while also helping reduce my awful under eye circles and puffiness. I will without a doubt be repurchasing these two items. 


The Verdict of The Ordinary-Yay or Nay?

The Ordinary definitely gets a big fat YAY in my book. Being super affordable for the products they offer, feeling the difference in the way my skin looks and feels, and knowing that there isn’t any unnecessary additive ingredients in my skin care is what really wins me over.

I’ve struggled for years to find something that fit my skin care needs that wasn’t out of my price range and actually worked. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend doing patch tests to determine if you will react to whatever products you decide to try. The Ordinary definitely has it’s flaws, but it is one of the best skin care lines out there.  


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